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Oil, global warming, and the end of the world


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I don't know what ya'll think about this kinda stuff... But there has been lots of pretty compelling stuff out that concludes things could get real bad in the next 20 or so years due to global warming and oil shortages. Kind of ironic that it's the oil that causes the global warming... Anyway a couple of sites that really put it into perspective. Take out of it what you will... (admitidly the one guy is a bit of a wacko)


and what things could be like after the shit goes down...


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I knew we would eventually do ourselves in, with our exponential advancement/consumtion. But man I hadn't really considered that it was so close at hand though. Strangely it doesn't seem all that unreasonable though. The earth is pretty fragile in being able to sustain humans, and we are ruining the earth faster and worse every year.

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it's too bad, really. the knowledge is out there - a lot of people have put it together and spelled out the problems we face if this lifestyle continues. but still, hummers and other gas-guzzling machines are as popular as ever.

it's too bad people who live alternative lifestyles that are more sustainable are labelled hippie freaks and have their opinions dismissed as extremist. many a family dinner has lead to weird arguments with my brainwashed relatives spewing mainstream media propaganda about 'how technology will save us' and 'it's really not that bad', or 'there's nothing we can do anyway' and 'people won't lower their consumption of energy'... generalizing their greed and sloth to the global population to alleviate any guilt

sure, technology is available to live far more sustainably, yet earth-raping fat cats continue to receive financial and political backing to continue their ways while the green alternatives are left to scrounge...

the whole situation gets me pissed off. go ahead, label me a hippie. just don't be surprised when nuclear waste doesn't disappear as entirely as you thought it would, when we're left with a tiny fraction of the plant and animal species we once had thanks to our rapid climate-altering ways, when we've developed viruses and bacteria immune to our cures. freakin brilliant, we are. it's all happening right in front of our eyes, but how many of us actually see what's going down?!?!

grrrrr [Mad][Mad][Mad] i could go on, but i won't.

thank GOD(DESS) for people like David Suzuki, Rachel Carson, James Lovelock, and such.

people need to think.

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one thing i find interesting in the "why alternatives won't work" section of the first article, is that in the reasoning of all of them it says that they can't produce pesticides, fertilizers or plastics....this is a bad thing? we don't need that shit. In all honesty we don't NEED alot of the stuff we have now to survive...we WANT it. There is a great difference between need & want (an interesting concept that my mum taught me at an early age)The shift needs to happen and unfortunately it probably will not be pleasant for the majority of the world's citizens. The "big 5" corporations that run everything refuse to even start the switch because it would cost them too much money initially. Plus, they are going on supply & demand concept...the less supply, the more demand and therefore the more money they get for what is left. Money truly is the root of all evil.

But peoples before us, lived without these things (and still do) and survived and so can we.

It really isn't that hard to hook up your own personal power (wind, solar, etc.) as i know many people that live off the grid that way. I think we all need to start moving to a more sustainable lifestyle..bit by bit, little piece by little piece. We need to start learning (again) how to live with the earth, not just on it. Food is available in many forms on this great earth. Granted, it won't be as easy as going to the store, but we will have to work hard for it and grow our own. Medicine is available to us, and always has been, pretty much for free. It grows everywhere on this earth!! We need to learn what these plants, etc. are and how to use them for preventative, holistic, and allopathic healthcare...but we need to learn these things again, not for personal wealth or gain, but for the greater good so-to-speak,...for the co-operative. It is the people that move to this "old" way of living in the next 20 years that will be the "survivors". That is just the pure and simple truth. Things will be different for sure. Since I was young, i always felt that something big was going to happen in our lifetime, and i still believe it will. But i don't think that just saying "oh well" and forgeting about it is the answer. I actually look forward to this new/old way of living....we will get that "connection" back.

Here is a site that i find to be good for ideas.


There is another one too, but i just can't seem to find it on my comp right now. Searching for such subjects will not be a problem i am sure.

Another thing to consider is hooking up with organic farms in your area or doing some WWOOFing in Canada and around the world, to learn how to farm, wildcraft, and live sustainably. I personally have not done this yet but am sure that I will in the future.

ANnnnnnnywaysss blah blah blah..thanks CyberHippie for posting this and giving me a reminder of things i want to be doing with my life. Sometimes it is so easy to forget the big picture with everything else goin on.

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