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thank you mista bob dylan!


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so on a whim we ended up seein bob... what a good choice. we missed a bunch due to our last-minute decision, but it was soooooo worth it. there is no doubt (not that there ever was) that the man has still got it. there were some sweet-ass jams in there... songs that i recognized were:

girl from the north country

like a rolling stone

all along the watchtower

otherwise... songs i didn't necessarily know but didn't need to.... FUN! he rocked the ricoh.

those of you going to check him out saturday/sunday, you're in for a treat!!!!

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Toronto, Ontario

Ricoh Coliseum

March 19, 2004

Drifter's Escape

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Just Like A Woman

Things Have Changed

Highway 61 Revisited

Ballad Of A Thin Man

Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Floater (Too Much To Ask)

Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)

Make You Feel My Love

Honest With Me

Girl Of The North Country (acoustic)

Summer Days


Cat's In The Well

Like A Rolling Stone

All Along The Watchtower

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well, i just got back in.....

whooooo boy! the devil never sounded so sweet! El Diablo himself! there were definately times when i thought i just might have been at the best rock concert ever. Bob Dylan!! 'nuff fuckin said.

jaimoe, i thought the Ricoh was a great concert venue. we were on the floor, about 20 feet in front of the soundboard, and it sounded great from there. seemed to be a great size.

but, shit, anyone who's seeing dylan at the phoenix is gonna need a collastomy bag, cuz man, you just might shit yourself seeing this unbelievable band in a tight venue like that. i wish i could see that, too...

fuck, we checked out THE MEAT at clinton's for one set afterwards, and jesus, jon, if you read this, christ dude, you and your band kick ass. seriously. wish we coulda stayed for the second set, but it was a hell of a long drive back to london after being hit in the face with that onslaught of great tunes all nite...

and i fucking got a promotion today...

shit. what a day!

i kinda feel like tomorrow is the next day of the rest of my life... [Eek!]

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I'm all mixed up about the show tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I've inherited a ticket and I'm paying for it with money I haven't earned, but I've missed a whack of shows by trying to be responsible, plus I got a new gig so I feel like I earned this one. That's what's freaking me out I think- the fact that I earned it.

Oh God. OH GOD. I do not know what to do with myself. Bob Dylan in the indy mega mini bar. Sounds like you all had a special night tonight.

'Well you know something is happening

but you don't know what it is

Do you Mr. Jones?'

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Well shit, once again I caught the end of the show. Wish I had've known in advance that it was only gonna last 90 minutes...what was I thinking 3 hours for. Anyway, I caught 1/2 of the last tune and encore, and from that I would say I'm stoked for the show tonight at the Phoenix. Yeah Kung, go...forget the guilt, just say yes. The band and the man were on, really on.

Loved how Watchtower sounded. When I've seen it on setlists, I always think, wow, that song has been so overplayed, but last night with the 2 drummers, it seemed somehow primal...very cool.

Anyway, made it out to PJC for nero afterward, and glad I did. Those guys sound so tight these days, and it's always sweet to see everyone. And special thanks to Paisley, Del-head and Studog, and all your buddies, Raphael, Chandler, Christian and Rod (hope I got everybodies names) - it was a fun night (gotta go to bed now - think of me while you're raging through the weekend) [Wink]

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Originally posted by MuleMomma:

Loved how Watchtower sounded. When I've seen it on setlists, I always think, wow, that song has been so overplayed, but last night with the 2 drummers, it seemed somehow primal...very cool.

yeah, definately. my roommate and i were talking about this on the drive in, and one of the things i was most looking forward to at the show, wasnt WHAT he was going to play, i was more interested in HOW he was going to play whatever the hell he decided to play.

tweedle dee, just like a woman, things have changed, highway 61, ballad of a thin man...that 5 song pocket really did me in.

but i think my favourite bit was that creepy-ish jazzy tune with the violin and such...crazy stuff.

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