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Hempfest 2004


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Have been trying to go to this for a few years now and still haven't made it. Hopefully this year I will....anyone else planning on going?

Here is the email i recently received about it. Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the gate.


Got your Vacation Booked?

Planning your Journey ?

Well if not then you better get on it, as Planetary Pride's 6th Annual Hempfest

2004: August 26,27,28,29 in Northern Ontario is coming up in just 5 months.

Tickets go on sale in April , but you can reserve yours in advance and we will

mail them out as soon as they are printed. With last years Hempfest Community

growing to just under 1,000 people I think we can expect 1,500 - 2,000 this year

for FOUR DAYS. We have been getting calls weekly from people who are looking for

tickets and info. So if you havn't got plans made yet you best be making them

soon because this year me might just be SOLD OUT as we are becoming known as one

of the Funnest Cannabis Festivals of the summer.

We are still accepting Submissions from bands till 4/20 and we will have our

schedule posted in May.

Send your info to us @

Hempfest 2004

C/O Planetary Pride

246 Queen St East

Sault Ste Marie, Ont

P6A 1Y7

Well the time has come to introduce the Sponsors for Hempfest 2004 that make

this event happen. Although the event is run by mostly volunteers we do have

some real costs to cover and last year was the first year we actually came close

to breaking even. So without our sponsors we would not be able to put this

Cannabis Community together the way we do.

For the 5th straight year CHILLS is proud to Support our Hempfest Community.

Ask for Chills @ your local smoke shop. A World Leader in pipe design and


For the 4th year Laplaya Glass is a proud supporter and Sponsor. Ask for

Laplaya as well as they are a Canadian Glass company that makes Unique and

Original pipes, no production pieces with this company.Laplaya glass is a

family owned and operated glass blowing business. We have been flame working for

3+ years and produce a variety of quality "made in Canada" inexpensive glass


For the 2nd year The Amsterdam Seed Company / Sativa Sisters Bed & Breakfast

Vancouvers premier B&B are proud sponsors. Make sure you visit the Sativa

Sisters B&B next time your in beautiful British Columbia.

New sponsors this year are Wake & Bake Cafe' , Advanced Nutrients the Worlds

#1 Nutrient Company. and Red Eye Glass

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients prides itself on quality, innovation, and service. We will

help you grow the best plants in the world!

Advanced Nutrients devotes all its research and development to building

plant-specific products for cannabis growers. This concentrated effort is

crafted by five PhD holders (all doctors of plant science), two full time

chemists and a staff of dedicated individuals. We work with licensed medical

marijuana growers who provide us with plant tissue samples that we test during

all phases of growth. Our products help you tweak every aspect of growth: you

have godlike control over your plant's health, maturation, yield and potency.

We've even created special horticultural regimes tailored for individual strains

of marijuana.

We're proud to report that our products and programs have been praised by plant

scientists around the world. We've even received high praise from Dr. Mahmoud

ElSohly, who runs the US government's very own marijuana farm at the University

of Mississippi .

Dr. ElSohly's Plant and Soil Science department showed interest in our

cannabis-growth products, so we shipped our products to them. They tested our

products against their own specialty cannabis plant nutrients in a scientific

study. They found that our products were far superior to theirs, in results and

in ease of use. In fact, our products made their plants have higher yield, vigor

and potency. They told us that Advanced Nutrients formulas produced a healthy,

robust harvest without complication, and that Advanced Nutrients stoked 21% more

biomass (bud weight) along with an overwhelming 42% increase in measurable THC.

Just think, the US government's very own pot farmers loved our nutrients!

We've also received praise from the Canadian Cannabis Research Institute, which

says we are THE recognized leaders in plant-specific growth technology.

Advanced Nutrients is constantly pushing scientific and botanical boundaries so

we can bring you the best products. We want to establish a partnership of mutual

success and prosperity with you. As you explore our website and use our quality

products, we hope you are as excited as we are about the Advanced Nutrients

approach to growing nature's kindest herb.

Order your Advanced Nutrients today from Planetary Pride

Red Eye Glass

Simply put "High Quality Lesiure Devices"

Wake & Bake Cafe

The Wake-n-Bake Cafe is based in Harrow, Ontario, and will be supplying hemp

foods and drinks, hemp clothing, hemp jewellery, and of course, coffee. All our

hemp products are manufactured by hand in Harrow, not in China. We take great

pride in the Quality of our Canadian made products. By the time we get to

Hempfest this year, we'll be a lot further along in our setup, and we'll have

more information for you. We have some new surprises in store for you at this

year's Hempfest, including (drug) movie night on Thursday night, where we will

be rolling some great movies with digital picture and sound, on a HUGE screen.

We are working on expanding The Wake-n-Bake Cafe so keep checking our website,

at http://www.wakenbakecafe.ca for products and information as they become


If you can't make it to Hempfest 2004 then try your best to make it to FILL THE

HILL www.fillthehill.ca

On Saturday, June 5, 2004 Canadians from across the country will stage an

unprecedented political demonstration on Parliament Hill. Endorsed by the B.C.

Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), Fill the Hill: Freedom March on Parliament

Hill will feature prominent political leaders and activists from across Canada.

Speakers include the Honourable Senator Pierre Claude Nolin, member of the

Senate of Canada and Chair of the comprehensive and extensive Special Senate

Committee on Illegal Drugs, Marc Emery, President of the B.C. Marijuana Party

and Publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, David Malmo-Levine, recent Supreme

Court appellant and Vancouver cannabis activist, Libby Davies, NDP M.P. for

Vancouver-East and former member of the ‘decrim’ Bill (C-38) House committee,

Philippe Lucas from Canadians for Safe Access and the Vancouver Island

Compassion Society, Alison Myrden, noted medical marijuana activist, Eugene

Oscapella, director of the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy, Kirk Tousaw,

Policy Director for the BC Civil Liberties Association, Marc Boris-St. Maurice,

leader of the Marijuana Party of Canada, and last but certainly not least, Alan

Young, respected lawyer, law professor, and author of Justice Defiled: Perverts,

Potheads, Serial Killers & Lawyers.


August 26,27,28,29

Northern Ontario

Sault Ste Marie


Come join with others at the Greatest Cannabis Community in the world this


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