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Paisley just passed out...


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Hopefully he feels better when he wakes up than I do [Wink] So what'cha going to do - pour him in the car and take him to nero anyway? Oh wait, he's the driver...that could be a challenge.

Hey, I posted it under another thread, but it was super cool to party with you guys last night, and thanks a lot for the added adventure.

Seems I'm supposed to be out the door in about 10 minutes though, to catch another Dylan show, so I'd better get my ass in gear.

See ya soon - have fun tonight [big Grin]

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hey del-head,

i just got alexis' message........

stupid me, i pushed the delete button instead of the dial button, and now i don't have the cell number she left.......

i really don't know how to contact you guys....but:

i will not be able to make it out tonight......i wish i could call you and tell you....

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yay man, back in the hammer bro... apperently ended up outside of the bar after performing my sitting on the floor of the bar act

ah well, sure a super sweet couple of nights of nero... great partyin with Del and Alexis and runnin into everyone in Peterborough... I may eat something the next time I'm goin hard for a few days (live and learn [Wink]

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last night was off the hook in many respects [Razz]

great tunes once again [big Grin] thanks fellas

it was definately good to see so many out of towners there too

i drank way too many beers, went back to the freaks and puked in the toilet

oh well...maybe we're just getting too old for this kinda partying Paisley [Wink]

Velvet, thanks for the comp -

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Del and 2 other people are still passed out in my living room, and some unidentified stranger is sleeping downstairs in the dank! (no one has ever slept in the dank)

Good times last night! It was cool to see so many out of towners in peterborough for the night. nero was awesome!

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