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!!! DEL HEAD WINNER !!! ** Bela Fleck CONTEST **


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shatonewe and Chewie, I submitted you both with no problems. Can the other guys try and make sure that you use your login name and password for the sanctuary, and also remember that it is case-sensitive.

There's no reason why it would work for me an not for you, unless you mistyped your login info.

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The first casuality of upgrading is that the contests probably won't be integrated with the forums any longer. That would mean that you wouldn't need your Sanctuary account information to enter contests.

For now, if you haven't entered the Bela contest, you still use your Sanctuary info, but ONLY if you were a member [color:"purple"]BEFORE the upgrade. If you've registered since Monday, March 29th or later, message me.

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Alrighty. If you've entered BEFORE the sanctuary upgrades, you're still entered. Since, I've moved on, the scripts that force you to login to contests with your Sanctuary account cannot currently cope with the new authentication system.

Therefore, you don't need to use your Sanctuary login. Just fill out the required fields.

Duplicate entries are not allowed.

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for the record,

i could never, ever, get my username and password to work under the old format. BUT, now that Bouchey has changed things around, i can enter contests to my hearts content. Same goes for logging in to the JamTower to change cities on the concert search option on the Jambands.ca homepage....but now i can do it piece of cake.

just some positive reinforcement for ya bouche, great work buddy.

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I'm not happy. In fact, I have a beef! The gentleman's name is Béla Fleck, not Bela Fleck. Notice the accent aigu over the 'e' in his name. Is it really too much to ask, that a Canadian media source, such as this, pay closer attention to literary details? If everyone here respects the man so much as a musician, should that respect not extend as far as spelling his name correctly?! It's really pretty easy to achieve: If you want to generate an 'e' with the accent aigu, you simply hold down the left ALT key while typing 0233 (zero-two-three-three) on the numeric keypad.

I know this may seem petty but I'm a bit of a stickler for language, especially from the media who are really setting examples for the rest of us.

Love and peace!

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