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Grateful Dead to charge 99 cents a song on IT


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The Rocky Mountain News reports that the Grateful Dead are "finalizing a deal" with Apple to put their entire collection of live performances available for purchase through the iTunes Music Store.

The Grateful Dead has a long history of allowing fans to make bootleg recordings of their concerts. Over the years, countless bootleg Dead concert recordings have made their way onto the Internet, available for download through peer-to-peer file sharing services and elsewhere. From

Weir's perspective, getting the Dead's own recordings of their shows is a natural progression.

"What we wanna do is digitize our entire catalog, our entire collection of tapes ... and make that stuff available," said Grateful Dead guitarist Bob

Weir. "I think I-Tunes [sic] is up to that."

In fact, The Grateful Dead are already featured artists on the iTunes Music Store -- eight studio albums are available for download and purchase, including classics like Terrapin Station, Blues for Allah and In the Dark, the 1987 album that sports the Dead's only top 10 hit, "Touch of

Grey." Steve Jobs even played a Dead track when he introduced the second-generation iTunes Music Store during last October's special music event in San Francisco. But thus far, the Dead's live

music -- what the quintessential jam band is best known for -- has been absent from the store.

Weir told the interviewer that the Dead has recorded all of its live shows since the late 60's "just so we could listen back, see what it sounded like and make any changes."

What's more, said Weir jokingly, the iTunes Music Store's current track price is a bargain for value-conscious consumers. "At 99 cents a tune, it's a pretty decent price, because most of our tunes are pretty long."

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iTunes is available in Canada isn't it?

Does anyone know what kind of files you download - are they WAVs, MP3, FLAC, SHN, or something else?

Also, isn't a buck a song kind of high priced? How many tunes in an average Dead show - maybe 20? That's pretty steep for a three disc show compared with other band's live downloads for a complete show. I prefer the "pay for an entire show" approach. The Dead fans would be better off that way.

I am curious to know what all those Deadheads who bitched and moaned about Phish selling their catalog and destroying the taping community feel about the Dead doing the same thing at a higher price!


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Wasn't digitizing the entire catalog the major disagreement that made for a huge parting between weir and lesh in the 90's?

iTunes music STORE is not available to Canadians. In fact, any online music purchasing service in the US is not available outside of the US. It's seriously defeating the purpose of using the net to distribute music.

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That whole row was fairly involved. The whole thing revolved around a venture capitalist (in a Dead cover band friend of Al Gore's) who wanted to invest to digitize the vault with the catch that the vault was in some way collateral. The boys i.e. everybody except Phil thought it was what needed to happen and a great opportunity, Phil rightly believed that the Dead corporation had never needed outside capital before and that in fact many of their long term employees may have found themself out of work if anything went wrong. Alot of this came out via Hunter who put up a cryptic post about 'papering the vault with advertising' which prompted Phil to come out and explain (under his alias Reddy Kilowatt) his perspective. All of this is after he got the liver of a prick.

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Member # 68 posted 03-22-2004 09:33 AM


i so hope they digitize their whole collection into MP3.

Me too that would be so great... [Roll Eyes]

mp3's are horrible... Paisley told me that Esau once said every mp3 you download is like a vote for communism. I just think mp3s have the possibility of tainting the live show pool... Keep it shn/flac & wav, boo to mp3's!

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