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14 years ago today, me and MarcO


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Ahhhhhh yeah..... 03-22-90 .... I can still remember my mind reconfiguring as Jerry turned into a giant space trumpet during the Scarlet > Fire transistion.

I wonder what my life would have been like had the Dead skipped Hamilton that Spring? Scary thought..... "Sometimes you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."

RIP Jerry. And thanks.

(And thanks for the reminder Booche - I hadn't picked up on it. [big Grin] Listening to it right now!)

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I was just a tad too young but my friend Matty had more liberal parents and he went. We were biiig into acid at this point, though it sounds dumb to say we got the best acid when we were 14 I really think we actually did. We always had all these different types and colours, 'double barrel triple dipped' that was our catchphrase. Anyways so Matt had as I recall 10 red roses and a half sheet of smurfs. He's tripping out at the show and a guy approaches him and of course he wants as much as he can get so Matt sells him the 50 spot and gets swarmed by cops. So next thing you know he's outside in the drunk tank with all these majorly fucked up guys (can you imagine?) hearing faint wisps of the show over their insanity. His mom had to come down and get him from the police station, quiet drive home, they didn't even yell at him that night cause they new he was still really fucked. Turned out the smurfs were fake which is good cause he took alot of those too- he got off cause the cop testified on his behalf. The not so funny afterstory was crossing the border on the bus going to the 94 new years run and having the cops ask if he'd ever been arrested (we were all in different lines) and he goes into the 'well I did get charged with attempted manslaughter for selling half a sheet to a cop- but he testified on my behalf and I got off'. So the agents are like 'are you travelling with anybody' and of course he points us out of the other lines and we've all got our pants around our ankles (while still in the line) within minutes.

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Originally posted by secondtube:

i was 10.

i was about to be 10.

but i remember when i was in 12th grade, i was taking a film studies class, and one day my teacher decided to show us a documentary he had made of the pre-show happenings down by copps coliseum the day of that show. he took a group of students down for the "experience".

at the age of 10 i remember really liking Casey Jones, cuz i'd hear it in my dad's car on Y95, and by grade 12, my knowledge of the dead hadnt increased too much more: pretty much limited to skeletons, and whatever random live stuff i'd hear now and then at a friends house and not really know what it was.

but i got this show....might as well put 'er on...

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