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BNB in Freddy..........

Northern Wish

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I've been up and down on this band for years. Consistently one of the better bands out there touring around our country, but every once in a while they serve up a stinker of a show. Now keep in mind that short of the Rheostatics and Phish, I have probably seen BnB play more than anyone else.

Friday night in Fredericton was not such an "off" set. The level of playing was superb. Each song sounded great and the jams were great too.

From what I can remember they played Stop 28, The Bench, St Andrews, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!, Loving Cup, a very nice Fresco Lopez and a killer Waves out of something else to close set 2.

I don't know how long its been since I have seen a BNB show that I thought was truly exciting. The hiatus defintely did these guys some good. I can remember the "last" East Coast show in Halifax that we went to, and it seemed like more of a celebration/ farewell than the guys trying to play well. Friday night was simply a two set apology for those sloppy shows past.

I could have gone for a phat Don't Do it but at least there was no 50 Ways to Leave your Lover!!!!!


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They really are journeyman musicians. I thought Loving Cup was a bit of a stinker when I saw it though, sounded like Burt covering Phish covering Stones. I'd rather hear Torn and Frayed as a Stones cover they do justice. The Band covers are nice, haven't heard the Love Each Other yet. I know what you mean they have some off nights but it also reminds me of how critical we all are given that they've managed to drag their asses out to some 800 shows. I like the new songwriting and feel, sort of wish they'd wear their Grandaddy and Mojave 3 influences on their sleeves a bit more than Phishadoodle.

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