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I'm taking a break... (from P0T)


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Gotta start somewhere, right bokonon? Sometime's my life is not all black & white... cold turkey and me just don't get along.

Thanks for the well wishes... I need them!

Good memory PC - yes I did. Last year though, I did it as a last-ditch effort to salvage a dying relationship, this time I am doing it for myself.

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well i had a conversation with a friend today about this very subject. i have a relatively demanding schedule, though of course it could be MUCH worse, but nonetheless that in addition to whats basically the constant high that is my life can cause a bit of craziness now and again. i will admit that i am addicted (some people say that can't happen, but i very much disagree with that), i can rarely turn it down, and as i attend school it's basically omni-present. the next month will probably be the busiest and craziest month of this year for me. this friday is my birthday, and im thinking about going from this friday to may 1st without. but who knows? i may sober up and change my mind sometime soon . . .

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smokeaholic? SMOKEAHOLIC? You ever suck any dick for some Marijuana? Boo this man boooooo....

j/k of course good luck in your quest for clear headedness... i have always found that if you keep the smoking till the evenings or when you have nothing important to do ie work that it makes for an enjoyable high each and every time...

now what was i talking about again?

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About 3 years ago, I took 3 months off and started having CRAZY dreams and writing them down. I was having 4 or 5 dreams a night, including MAD NUTTY alien space other-planet dreams, lucid dreams that I could make choices, fly, etc... all kinds of nutball stuff.

Last night I only remember one dream and it was a nightmare with big mean dragons... boo [Razz]

p.s. No I have never sucked dick for dope, but then again, I have never sucked dick.

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Originally posted by phartlauncher:

kev, velvet,

as a pro-active member of this community i will take it upon myself to balance your recent reduction of pot-smoking by tripling my previous daily usage. it's the least i could do.

best wishes for your return to "sanity",


Wow, that's a really beautiful thing of you to do C. I am honored [Razz]

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