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National Goof Off Day!!


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Is today!!

REDMOND, Wash. (Wireless Flash) -- If you're planning to goof-off today (March 22), that's a perfect plan, since it's National Goof-Off Day.

And if you're like most American guys aged 18 to 34, you'll be goofing-off by playing video games, according to a new survey by none other than Nintendo.

Nearly 39 percent of men enjoy wasting their time playing video games, beating out other classic goof-off moves like listening to music (27 percent) and eating (15 percent).

Finally, 11 percent of people will goof off by playing golf today but only seven percent of men will yak on the phone.


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Guest Low Roller

Shit! Is that today? Good thing I was already goofing-off, I totally forgot...

You know that feeling when you forget you're supposed to post, yet through sheer luck you didn't eat meat that day?

That's what I feel like. [Wink]

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