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New Ottawa band / CD Release


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Some session work I did last summer is finally about to see the light of day.

Mercury Pickup is essentially a solo project for Ottawa singer/songwriter Trevor Alguire. Recording his debut CD "Narrowed Down" he enlisted the help of local musicians Jim Bryson (guitar), Tom Thompson (pedal steel) - both of whom played on the Kathleen Edwards disc - and Dave Rahmer (that's me). I ended up playing lead guitar on 8 tracks and banjo on a couple others.

I just got an advance copy and I'm quite impressed. It definitely channels the Wilco/Son Volt/Blue Rodeo vibe with a hint of Dinosaur Jr. Not exactly jammy, but quality roots-rock alt-country songs.

Trevor is in the process of putting a live band together and shopping the album. So be sure to check out Mercury Pickup if you see the CD or a gig listing.

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Some live dates...

Thursday June 24, 2004

Solo Show

w/ Dave Rahmer & the Happy Hour Heroes

@ Doc Dylan's (Moncton, NB)

Thursday July 22, 2004

w/ Old Reliable (from Edmonton)

@ The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield, QC)

Friday August 27, 2004

w/ Slim Cessna's Auto Club

@ The Dominion Tavern (Ottawa, ON)


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And a review of the CD:

Welcome to the debut album from Trevor Alguire’s Mercury Pickup, a killer slice of thoughtful and soulful country rock styled brilliance, beautifully arranged songs of superior craft that stand out and stand up in a big way. Calling to mind some of the work of heralded favourites Uncle Tupelo and off-shoots as well as lesser-known treasures such as The Schramms, Scud Mountain Boys, Ass Ponys and Lucero but by no means derivative or even directly influenced by any of those. If you’re on board with that kind of musical depth, then this is a disc that’ll pull you in and keep you enthralled with its unmistakable charm and distinct passion. Trevor is clearly already deserving of international attention, having delivered a recording that would certainly enhance the Yep Roc or Turquoise Mountain rosters. Hey how ‘bout it y’all?

- aardvark


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Yeah, I am going to have to get this cd for more reasons than just a couple of banjo tracks. I remember Rahmer bringing this by when the rough cuts were being done, and I really enjoyed the direction of the tunes.

That being said DaveO, who the hell are these Happy Hour Heroes, you dirty witch ::

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That being said DaveO, who the hell are these Happy Hour Heroes, you dirty witch ::

My guess is that dave-O has realized that the only viable live musical acts are tribute acts (as can be seen on the Barrymore's June calendar, for example) and so he's put together a moe. tribute band.

To his credit, he's also gone the extra step of going right to "Dave Rahmer & The Happy Hour Heroes", as opposed to us investing a lot of time and effort into "The Happy Hour Heroes", only to have everybody except Rahmer leave the band and leave us with a frontman we know backed by desparate teenage studio-player-wannabes that nobody's heard of.



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I just got this setlist from Rec.Music.Rahmer

Hockey Night in Canada >

My Mind's Got A Mind of it's Own

Forget the Flowers (Wilco)

You Ain't Going Nowhere (w/ The Connection and Piper teases)

Pebbles & Marbles

Soggy Ashtray

Untitled instrumental >


Stretch (w/ looping and epic guitar solo)

Ode To My Basement Apartment

Sleep >

12 In My Heart

Wolfman's Brother

You're Still On My Mind

Water In The Sky

Old Home Town Pain

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Darned setlist geeks, they missed one tidbit.

Wolfman's Brother (w/ Saint of Circumstance vocal tease)

Fun show last night, I force-fed the maritimers heaps of my (and Catphish's) original material. More to come...

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