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Sanzwill this Sat 27th at polos!

jay sanislo

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Hey guys i know its early in the week but i tought i would get this out now. The band has currently gone through some changes. We are now a trio (guitar, keys/bass, drums) and have quite a bit of new material that we are excited to share, with you.

Sanzwill Band


Hess village (corner of hess and king) (905) 777 0888

2 sets starting around 10:30-11

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polo's ain't a classy joint but when I was down and out the owner's wife lent me a grand interest free for a year... had some of my best times in there ever and met some of my best friend there

I won't even start into things I've seen go down in the different other clubs in the village

yes Pat is bipolar (and cheap) and flips out and does shitty things occasionally, but I'd rather have a venue where new bands can get a gig and I can go chill and write poetry over a pint during the day than have an extra wing added to the Elixir Dance Club

disliking the owner of a club if fine but I think its not entirely cool to put down a club on a public forum where your friends (or you) have a gig they're trying to get people to come out and support

sometimes friends and music should come before grudges

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apologies for the above vent (been a long day)

as a prop to the show I'll mention that the last show I saw Sanzwill play at Polo's when piegin was still on bass was easily one of my favorite village shows of last year

lots of new fans walkin in off the street, and you guys were rockin amazingly... too bad on the timing of the breakup but best of luck to the return

(whore's just buggin ya's Jay)

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Whatever paisley....you like everyone. And be it 5 years or one week the bottom line is he's still a prick. I'm sorry dude but I'm not going to paint a pretty picture for the people around here because I know the band that's playing. If a venue has ripped off bands I'm going to let everyone know about it. And I'm surprised you're so supportive of Pat since some of the people he's ripped off are your friends. Oh that's right they gave you a loan. [Roll Eyes]

sansilo, i'd be happy to help you get gigs if it means you don't have to play there. Let me know what they give you and I'll see what I can do.


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