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Grey Cup 2004 - Tickets March 30th


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(Here's a ticket stub for ya)

Renegades announce Grey Cup ticket blitz

Single Grey Cup tickets will be released March 30

The Ottawa Renegades Football Club is pleased to announce that single tickets for the 2004 Grey Cup Game at Frank Clair Stadium (Sunday, November 21) will be available for sale to the general public on Tuesday, March 30 at 10 a.m.

Single tickets at the $279, $239 and $199 price ranges (includes all taxes and service charges) will be available across Canada only at the Ticketmaster website (ticketmaster.ca). Fans in Ottawa can purchase single tickets online at ticketmaster.ca, or by phone by calling the Ticketmaster hotline (755-1166).

The Kickin' it in the Capital Grey Cup Festival begins on Wednesday, November 17 at Lansdowne Park and at various venues throughout the Ottawa core.

Fans may purchase tickets for the 2004 Grey Cup, the premier annual live sporting event in Canada, before the March 30 general release by becoming a Renegades season ticket holder or purchasing a Renegades Fab Four pack. For more information, call the Renegades office at 231-5608.

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Guest Low Roller

Singles??? I hope it's not assigned seating.

So who's thinking of going? And when's the last time Lansdowne (I'm sorry "Frank Clair") Stadium had tickets that expensive for anything????

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Guest Low Roller

BTW, I'm playing indoor soccer on the Lansdowne field right now (they put a dome over it during the winter), and let me tell you, that field is fucking sweet. Best artificial turf I've ever played on.

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