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Sweet, Im going to YES!!!


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well i need to go back to bed for a bit (on nights this week [Frown] ) and i dont know who the fuck was sick at the party on saturday but thanks a hell of alot i just got over my previous cold just before the party now im sicker than a dog again. When are people going to realize that when people with asthma get sick they get REALLY sick. Sorry that had nothing to do with the post but i felt i had to let it out. Now back to our regular scheduled program.

I really want to steve but i can barely breathe at the moment, and taking a hit off your bong probably wouldnt be the best thing for it. Man i feel useless these days.

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Sweet dude..... That would be swell. [Wink]

Just got word from my oldest brother and his room mate Geebo Jiberwalkee and they says theys already gots some tickets for the show... Im sure will probally get together at thier place before hand and party. So VVilly if your up for a little pre-party, let us know.

Now if I can only find two hot mamma's for each arm to take to the show. [Eek!][big Grin] Sexual favors are acccepted and expected. [Eek!] j/k [big Grin]

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