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Phish in Montreal?!?!?!

Northern Wish

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This comes from the PT boards, which are even less reliable than the source of the info which is supposed to be www.walfredo.com

Heres hoping!

"Phish is in negotiations with the Bell Centre in Montreal to play a minimum of 10 shows in the next 3 years, including at least one NYE or Halloween. The Bell Centre is the closest major arena to Phish's hometown of Burlington."

Phish is in the process of confirming the October tour we have all been waiting for. Halloween looks like it will be at MSG on Oct 30-31 to end the tour. The tour will also see returns to Cumberland Civic, Worcesters Centrum, Hampton Coliseum, Providence Civic Center, Pepsi Arenaas well as the first First Union Center shows in Philadelphia and Conseco Fieldhouse in Indiana."

These are new rumors on Walfredo. I think they are for the most part lies. Walfredo sucks.

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Where does this shit come from anyways? I seriously hope some of it is true, particularly the bit about halloween or new years! You'd think with them being at the level they are that if they really wanted to cast off some of the hangers on that a Canadian big show would be the ticket.

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These are new rumors on Walfredo. I think they are for the most part lies. Walfredo sucks. [/QB]

This was all part of the post from PT that I copied..... But you're right it is probably lies, although I often wonder how many of these rumors have an *element* of truth. Like if Phish is trying to do this, but it just doesn't work out logistically. The freakin internet and all of its rumor mongering eh? Oh wait, I propagated this one!


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I think that's exactly what happens. There are too many people in the loop of even prospective plans to keep all the information off the street (i.e. promoters, office staff, stage managers and venue staff). They also tend to put 'holds' on certain venues pending confirmation so that may be what leaks out, the holds rather than the confirmed dates. I see an element of plausibility in the Montreal rumour but I am also thinking very wishfully.

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Guest Low Roller

It's quite possible that the respective groups are negotiating. Negotiations are exactly that- negotiations... I'm sure Phish is in constant negotiations with almost every major venue in North America... that would be the smartest thing to do.

I highly doubt that Phish would want to do 10 shows in 3 years at the Bell Centre, but it's possible that they highballed the Bell Centre expecting a counter-offer of 2 shows and lax security or some shit. Phish can also use other offers as leverage in negotiations "Hampton is giving us five shows, lax security, AND a mound of coke." It's how these things work.

Or it could all be a lie. A big dirty lie. You bastards.

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