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What program do you use for posters?

jay sanislo

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Photoshop will give you much nicer posters. just mess around some, bit of a learning curve but you don't have to understand the whole program to do up some posters.

if you have some time on your hands poke around through some of these links

or do a search for a photoshop newbie site (novice, beginner, intermediate, etc.)

with posters the date and the venue should usually be the biggest things so people remember something is happening a set night at a set place, band name fairly big too

have fun bro

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what format are your kodak pictures... you likely want them to be .jpg... might have to export them as such from your kodak folder

for typing you have to use the type tool -

once you have typed something you can alter the font, size or text, etc with the Character Palette - (should be somewhere on the right of your screen or else choose it under the Window drop down menu at the top)

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size the pic to the size you want it to be (to check/change the size look under "Image" at the top and select "Image Size")

on the resized pic you want to move go to "Select" at the top, then hit "all" for the whole picture

or use the lasso tool off where you found the type tool surround what you want (probably use the rectangular lasso tool, there's a few different choices if you hover over it), copy it and paste it

in your layers pallet (like the character pallet) you can move the pic to the back of the image you're working on if you want to

I should start writing tutorials

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well, make sure you have any pics you're using open in photoshop... if they're some wierd kodak format extension photoshop might not recognize them so they'd have to be converted to something else (though I don't know if thats the problem)

if you have a picture open in photoshop and copy from it, you should be able to paste in somewhere else

drop me an e-mail if you're totally lost jhamie@mountaincable.net

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