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wild west cowboy bands?


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i was thinking of this the past few nights. and here goes, i was watching an old wild west movie and what i was wondering is, do you think there where bands back in the ol' days? i know there were into there fiddle and what not back then, but i was thinking is were there like really good bands that would tour from town to town and put on shows? i guess each town had a band? or a piano player or something, but do you think they ever went on to diffrent towns? and even so what about in like eygyp time or acient rome?

i wonder when the first band went on tour

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If you've seen the movie Cold Mountain, I think "bands" like the one Jack White's character is in where probably pretty common - granted that's Civil War era but I think the principle would hold for the old west, or where ever you go around that time in history or just before or after. Once the industrial age and electricity came along, many things would obviously change.

Certainly the ancient Greeks and Romans, and probably the ancient Egyptians and earlier societies had organized bands of musicians playing together. And drumming circles and such date back to the earliest African traditions at the beginning of human history, and those are types of bands although they were probably more loosely affiliated.

As CH points out, there have probably been great bands and musicians throughout history that we'll never hear of 'cus there are no recordings. Mozart and Bach for instance where both as well known in their day as performers, but we only know about them now because of their compositions that have survived 'cus they were written down.


Mr. M.

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