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Hey Dr. Hux (Warning: Bobby Content)


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Originally posted by Hux:

....and thanks for the hospitality on the weekend!

(PS - who was that surly dude wrapped in the blanket on your couch?)

The hospitality? Anytime! Though I must insist you don't throw peanut shells around my place. And next time you come, can you park Triple T (That Teal Thing) around the corner? It's kind of an embarassment (you understand).

Mz. Zimmy: Keep practising! Next time I see you, I wanna see moon-walkin'!!

He was surly cuz the Sloth ditched him. Damn you, Sloth! Damn you and your baby-face!

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I've always thought that if they were to ever make a biopic of the Dead, the present day Bobby would be played by Mike Farrell (BJ on MASH). Well, I saw Mike Farrell recently on a Biography of Alan Alda and now that they have *both* grown beards, the resemblance is even more uncanny.

Tangentially yours,


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