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No Surprise Gene Ween loves Hall & Oates


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aw baby! you are going to make me cry!

i think you have nice legs too. and a great little ass. can't wait to shake it with you on the dance floor.

i am still touched at your fabulous idea when schwa asked if we could be any rock stars, which ones we would be, when you suggested that i be gene and you be dean so we'd be able to hang out with our favourites of the brothers ween. you are a genius! or a weenius! hahaahha, okay sorry that one hurt.




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I'm jumping out of my seat here that Gener actually gives one of my favourite albums (if not my absolute favourite) Abandoned Luncheonette by the immortal Hall & Oates the due it deserves. It eat suckers.


City Paper: Did you listen to a lot of Philly soul before recording?

Gene: Yeah. It sounds really pitiful [but] Those early Hall and Oates records -- like Abandoned Luncheonette -- the amount of soul in those records [is] unbelievable, and I'm not discounting any real Philly black soul, but for me, I was kind of obsessed with that record, and it epitomized in a way a white man's interpretation of Philly soul, but it was still real. … I think if you're born in Philly, you just naturally have some sort of floating soul chromosome going on that's very uniquely Philadelphia. I really do believe that. So I just let it come out.

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