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London Shows!


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Okay...So i've been busy and haven't ben able to tell anyone online about these beautiful shows at Elements. Last Night the Fembots were in the house...Absolutely fantastic. I'm trying to bring loads of fantastic shows to London and to bring fantastic shows out of london...working on finding some hidden gems in the london scene.

drop a line or stop by anytime. it's a comfortbale place and I'd hope some of you are looking for that too.

> Threat from Outer Space - mar 24

> fortune's hand - 25 march

> Girls of the Luau - 26 march

> Nick Ali electric trio - 27 march


> Femme Generation - mar 31

> Appertain Display - April 01

> Beef Terminal/The Besnard Lakes- april 02

Grassy Knoll and the Magic Bullit - Apr 03 -

> the new fat - apr 06

> slammin' jack - april 07


> Jomomma - apr 09

> Diesel Dog/contact - Apr 10

13, 14

> nero - april 15

> SingThatYellThatSpell/Tournament/great disconnect - april 16

> Uncle Seth - April 17


> jason plumb - april 21

> paul aitken - april 22

> Matisse and the Playground - april 23

everyone's welcome. mondays are open stage and i like to encorage all musicians to be comfortable and relaxed to play the music that they want to and take a chance on jams and experimentation.

if you're a laptopper, turntablist, cellist, or oboe player you're welcome at open mics. it's not just for acoustic guitars(but they're great too)

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