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Birth of the Zedonk.....


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Well, we OK'ed the mastered album today and sent it off to the manufacturer...almost 6 months after we started it. Just wanted to tell all of our friends here that we're pretty excited about it, and I'm personally thrilled with the guest spots, I think you guys are going to like 'em. Here's the track list, and barring any unforeseen ciurcumstances, we'll be shipping out the preorders the first week of April and selling them for the first time at a show April 8 in Guelph.

1. Breakline*@

2. Tonto's Underwater Paradise#

3. Zedonk

4. Whispy Mountain Wonder

5. Crabwalk@

6. El Vezz#

7. Downside Up

8. Effervesence

9. Lemondust@!

10. Beyond Chance&

Recorded by Eric Warren (Tungsten Gruvsten)

* w/Addison Groove Project horn section

@ w/Jon McCann on percussion

# w/Bob Wiseman on keys

! w/Aaron Collier on keys

& Dave solo acoustic track

cheers everybody


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"what's with all the nero talk on this site?"

Heck, aside from Delhead, I have been wondering where it has gone myself.

Currently, I am downloading moe. 03-13-04 with Jay AND, it has a setlist. Good enough for that, because I so rarely get to see Nero, when I do, I typically have NO idea what song they are playing whilst they are playing it. I cant believe it has come to this.

Woe is me

Where's my heady Darius you fuckers?

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