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Look Out Ottawa! I'll Be There This Weekend


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I'm marking my 3(?) birthday with a trek to Ottawa this coming weekend. My birthday is actually on Friday, March 26. I'm bringing tons of CDs and DVDs, along with one of my electric guitars too. I'll be staying with Booche and Douglas and we'll probably be hitting a pub on Friday. If any of you are around and looking to get trashed, then come on out.

I'll have further details on when and where Friday ( or Saturday ) whenever Booche feels fit to return my fucking calls.

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Guest Low Roller

Shit, it's about time I met you. Booche is always like "Jaimoe this" and "Jaimoe that"... Gotta meet the man behind the legends.

And don't worry about the phone thing, I think they randomly decide when to pick it up... I still haven't figured out a pattern.

I'm surprised they haven't tried to teach Sammy how to answer the phone yet.

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Originally posted by dave-O:

This may be a foolish question, but why are you bringing an electric guitar to jam at Booche's?

I'm bringing a banjo.

My acoustic is buzzing on the high frets; very un-Taylor like. I thought that I could plug in my electric with no distortion at a low volume, just to give the jams a little variety.

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