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Brad Barr appreciation thread


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Not having listened to The Slip as long as most of you, I'm still listening to stuff that this guy does that makes my jaw drop... The guy OWNS an acoustic guitar, and he ain't half bad on the electric either [Wink] ... Awhile ago I got ahold of a solo Brad show, and it is unbelievable... Hands down one of the best solo performances I've ever heard in my life. And his playing with The Slip... His guitar sends shivers up your spine one minute, then blows your head off the next. Jazz, bluegrass, rock, psychedelic... he can do it all. I like his songwriting ability as well. December's Children is a good song. It's their "Street Sleeper". His singing comes from the heart, which is nice to see these days. Sorry to go on and on here, but Brad doesn't get the attention he deserves, in my opinion. Maybe it's one of those "everyone already knows" type of things, but as I sit here listening to Brad during the From The Gecko-> Zion-> December's Children from 2003-12-30 D2, I am truly in awe... Can't wait to have it done to me in person in May [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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liked meeting Brad right after his set at Frontier and discussing the venue and music and such, really nice guy who didn't seem to mind my rolling eyes and somewhat fevered (from dancing) complexion

he seems to grow more leery of me after each new time I speak with him with my rolling eyes and I've come to appreciate that in a person [smile]

musically, him, and the other two, are obviously insane

the words to their songs often remind me of E.E. Cummings poetry

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Last june at creekside jambore heather, briguy and my self were chillin back stage around 6am playing foosball and brad walked over and jumped right in. it was one of the funnest times i had last year, big giant smiles on everyones face. earlyer on in the day back stage brad walked over and rested his gtr case on briguys cooler and he was all "dude brad barr's case is on my cooler".

i think alot people hold brad and The Slip up above alot of other musican, i know i do. its good to see that he doesn't hold him self above anyone.

drunken foosball rules!

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I want him to have my babies.

Funny you mentioned Cummings there Paisley not sure if you're aware that the line Sometimes True To Nothing (and the theme of it) is actually from a Cummings poem.



from AMORES/ Tulips & Chimneys (1922 manuscript)

e. e. cummings

O Distinct

Lady of my unkempt adoration

if i have made

a fragile certain

song under the window of your soul

it is not like any songs

(the singers the others

they have been faithful

to many things and which


i have been
sometimes true to

and which lives

they were fond of the handsome

moon never spoke ill of the

pretty stars and to

the serene the complicated

and the obvious

they were faithful

and which i despise


admitting i have been true

only to the noise of worms.

in the eligible day

under the unaccountable sun)

Distinct Lady

swiftly take

my fragile certain song

that we may watch together

how behind the doomed

exact smile of life's

placid obscure palpable

carnival where to a normal

melody of probable violins dance

the square virtues and the oblong sins


gesticulate the accurate

strenuous lips of incorruptible

Nothing under the ample

sun,under the insufficient

day under the noise of worms

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I am totally into the Slip these days. Nothing is as soothing to me. Mike and I put them on during our reflexology sessions with Sunshine and it really completes the experience.

Brad Barr is a genious. He can solo a hundred different ways and no way is better than another. He's eclectic without being over top. It's such well balanced music, poetic with great compositions and experimentation.

I can not wait until the Shaker. Every time I think about it my heart races.

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I can appreciate Brad's abilities on his own but so much moreso with Marc and Andrew. Is the formula just Marc + Brad + Andrew + Berklee + 10 years of playing together? What are the parts I don't know about...the mystery and the love and that which can't be pinned down to technical prowess and excellent timekeeping?

I think it's that mystery...magic for lack of a better term...that makes Brad and the rest so mind-numbing. It's also what compels me to drive 14 hours to Boston for one night, and then drive back the next day.

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