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Medical Question??????


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what other than the usual aid to asthma and to take control of arising situations????????Does breathing hotwater vapor help and even with what herbs would it work AWESOME???? - need to find out for a friend!!!!!!!

ephedrine - - atropine - - -or an extract from thorn apples(Jimson weed) - - carrot juice - - foods rich in calcium and vitamins - - pressed juice of grapes , oranges,sloly in little sips - - also depends on state of mind too - - just reading "the Nature doctor" book by H.C.A. Vogel - - some interesting facts - -

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herb helps open the bronchial tubes (seriously)

otherwise all I really know of is inhalers, which use steroids to the best of my knowledge

I had asthma as a kid and was told I'd be using an inhaler all my life... after reading some Steven King book or other where he said inhalers were useless I stopped using mine (over 20 years ago)... if I had an attack I'd slow down and try to relax until I was ok again... no more asthma here nowadays

you're on-line, might as well look some alternative therapies up (besides my overly helpful advice of smoke a bit of herb and try to chill if things get hairy)

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ok - i'm not an asthma sufferer but my #1 herb book says you want to use an infusion (tea) or tincture (i'll send you details in how to prepare a tincture if you're interested - it's pretty simple) 3 times a day of the following:

bronchial antispasmodics ---> cramp bark (or white horehound, thyme, or angelica root) (angelica root is a good herb for females)

expectorants ---> elecampane (or coltsfoot or liquorice and garlic)

demulcents ---> marshmallow root or irish moss

(don't exceed 20mL a day of tincture - 3-4 cups of tea a day should be fine)

and as an inhalant, in a bowl of hot water add 1 drop each of peppermint, eucalyptus, aniseed and thyme to prevent an attack. inhale deeply for 10 minutes.

i'd totally recommend your friend hook up with a naturopath to talk about their condition. they'll be able to recommend a combination of herbs (or another treatment) that's best suited to them.

also, keep in mind herbal treatments are not a quick fix - your friend's gotta keep on it for a few weeks before a noticable difference should be expected.

hope this helps

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jaimoe is correct that a doctor should be consulted but if they have done that and are looking for alternatives I don't see a harm in looking around... probably talk to a certified naturapath or homeopath before taking any direct action in such a direction

I'm a bad example as my health has always worked kind of backwards

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i'd like to know how to make a tinkture. also i've exparemented with diffrent natural mothods of dealing with my asmatha, i'll i'd say is alywas keep a real inhailer around cause it could save your life, and don't use other peoles inhaliers cause that can be dangerous, i know a guy that had a heart attack and died from that

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ok - to maake a tincture -

you use 1 part herb to 5 parts liquid

(ie 200g dried herbs to 1L liquid)

the liquid is made up of 250mL vodka or gin (needs to be 30% proof) and 750mL water.

*edit* i've used organic apple cider vinegar as the liquid and it works GREAT and tastes YUMMY - definitely recommend the vinegar - it's pretty cheap at health food stores too.

you pour the liquid over the herbs in a jar - close it up tight and leave it for 2 weeks someplace dark. you should go in and shake it up often - like once a day anyway. after the 2 weeks (or more if you're patient) you strain the mix to get the herbs out - you can get cheesecloth to do that at any grocery store. then just put it in a dark glass container and close it tight. store it someplace dark and it will keep for a year.

also, if you're making a tea for medicinal purposes it's better to heat the water with the herbs in it already, like put the herbs and water in a big ol pot and boil it all together. then let it sit for a while - even overnight is ok. i'll make a big batch and then put the leftovers in jars in the fridge to drink throught the week.

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usin a puffer sucks,, ive used one most of my life, i can go without it,, but after a huge bonghit its kinda nice to clear my lungs right out,,, im not a big fan of the whole steroid thing. i was talkin to my doc, he says that some inhalers use a diff kind of steroids, that youve gotta wash your mouth out after each puff, if you dont they kinda stay in your mouth and start growing badsmelling bacteria, its not the blue ones but the red or brown or purple ones,, the more powerful ones i guess.

PS. jay wake yer ass up i wanna come over n burn one down brotherman

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please all remember...people DIE from asthma! in other words, seek proper medical attention.

There is little evidence for the role of alternative therapies in asthma. Hypnosis, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy and relaxation therapy have all shown some mild benefit (J. pediatrics, v. 132,1998, New England Journal of medicine, v.339,1998).

HOWEVER, "Do not rely on nonprescription medications for asthma. They are not strong enough or enduring enought to help, and you may be giving yourself false assurance that you are doing something useful"-Kathi Kemper author of the holistic pediatrician, pediatrician at the mind-body medical institute in boston, Ma, aslo on staff at harvard, and director of the first center for holistic pediatric education and research

....remember herbs are not necessarily safe just because they are natural...they are poorly regulated, and have read many are spiked with meds (like steroids) resulting in serious side effects. ...

So to treat:

1.cromolyn, and nedocromil help prevent symptoms with few side effects....steroids help prevent and treat symptoms, beta-agonists (ventalin) useful when you have symptoms, also many new meds out which are helping people....

2. nutritional supplements can be B6 , magnesium, fish oil, and vitamin c

3. dont smoke!, dont expose yourself to it. remove carpet, pets, stuffed animals, wood stoves, dust and molds from your house. drive less and work for cleaner air. clean your room weekly....wash bedding in super hot water....tape your mattress over with plastic and duct tape the seem shut...can add houseplants such as philodendrons, spider plants, close windows between 5-10am (pollen counts are high), consider air filters

4. excercise when symptoms are under good control

5. self-hypnosis, mediatation, massage, acupucture ...all in combonation with other meds!

sorry...not really keeping it light....but just have that western world engrained in me...and need proof! (in the form of randomized controlled studies) that things work before giving them to people, especially if you are going to pay out of pocket (eg. visit a non-covered by ohip/mcp/whatever card you have)

keep well, and if short of breath go to the hospital,


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thaks guys for all the help i appreciate it, its been a rough couple of days here in my world. I havent had an attack like this since i was little. I went to a walk in clinic when it happened and they said i was boarder line emergency room and if it got any worse to go straight there. They gave me antibiotics (biaxin i think)in case of infection in my lungs and also gave me Prednisone (steroids) which make me completly wired and not in a good way, im really irritabele, anxious, depressed. Which i did research on side affect on the internet and said these are common side effects. I am still a little short of breath but its not worse that it was so im not sure if i should go or not.

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forgot one of the biggest one I know on this

no dairy! at all

no milk in your tea, no cheese, no butter... do the best you can until you're better

sounds harsh but it works, dairy = phlem

first non dairy friend I had wasn't vegan and would eat steaks or pretty much anything but wouldn't touch dairy because it gave him asthma attacks and lung infections... dairy free here for 4 years and not only do I not suffer from asthma anymore but I've lost my omnipresent steady cough (still cough occasionally but that'd be the smoking)

(as an aside anyone who's sick shouldn't eat much pork, it takes tons of work for the body to digest taking away from the effort your body can be using to heal itself)

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where do you get this stuff from??? Your advice sounds like...well i had a vw 67 once and it broke down...so you shouldn't buy one of those...

sorry to get confrontational....

yes...i agree, for some there is an allergic component to health problems....but dairy does not equal asthma. some people get an eosinophilic reaction (allergic type) to dairy products...but hey this is non-specific...i mention this as the eosinophil count is also raised in some people with asthma. People with asthma also have more allergies in general. As for your case specifically, some people 'outgrow' their asthma....coud be the dairy...could be time...? to set someone of blindly on a major dietary change, (eg. ensuring adequate calcium etc.) isnt just.

Jay...hello! dont know if you remember me...some motel, the other ones albany....hope your feeling better when you get this, if not go get checked out! I know i sound like a whiny something or other...but i do look after people in intensive care and see first hand what asthma can do.

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hey dancinbear yes i do remember you now that ya mention it. I remember we couldnt get a cab for the life of us. I appreciate everyones help. And bear your words are of great help aswell. I am feeling a bit better (prednisone) kicked in, wired, but at least i can breath.

Delhead i heard about those before the next time i see my doctor i will ask him, thanks for the reminder.

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