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why does brad ended every post with "aloha..

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One of the first family vacations I remember was a two-week trip to Hawaii when I was about 8 or 9. Unfortunately, I had broken my arm about two week before we went, and so couldn't really enjoy the surf (I spent a bit of time in the hotel pool with a plastic bag wrapped around the cast, but it wasn't the same), but the rest of it (including the Pearl Harbor museum, and the twin-engined Cessna tour of the islands that we took, during which the pilot let me handle the controls for a few 10s of seconds) was a blast.

Hawaii made a strong impression on me. My "dream place to live" list is dominated by a place in the green hills of one of the islands, with enough beach to make morning swims and surfing possible, and enough lawn to host parties for all my friends; a private airstrip is optional... [Wink]


From a

Aloha (pronounced: uh-LOW-hah) – The most common expression in the islands. It can mean hello and goodbye, welcome or farewell. Also the dominant philosophy of the islands, roughly translating to love -- of self, of others, of celebration, and of the natural wonders that Hawaii offers. It can also mean romantic affection or best wishes. Aloha is a general good feeling you will find everywhere on Maui!

I've been using it for, I don't know, almost ten years, I guess. It's more distintive than "regards" or "thanks" or similar phrases. It also reminds me of the time I spent there, and I figure that a little cultural cross-pollination is a good thing now and then.

(And if you want to see me get deep into a Hawaiian brainspace, read this...)



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