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You rule Esau - really appreciate you posting this stuff, I'd miss it otherwise.

Got the Ricoh show and was listening to it cranked in the vehicle this morning!! AWESOME!! I was wearing a shit-eating grin [big Grin]

I preferred Ricoh to KH, but I'm wondering if the recording of the KH may be superior as it was a smaller venue, not that the Ricoh show quality was bad, quite the contrary!

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Thanks for posting all of this up. It makes me drool on my keyboard. The "Shooting Star" really sticks out for me. Oh Mercy is an underrated Dylan disc (check it out or revisit it if you have it. MMMmmm) with lots of great tracks on it.

Although the picture is a nice tribute to Bob, will we ever see the "enraged big baby tantrum" avatar again? I stared and laughed, pointed at it and laughed some more.

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