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Norwalk Blues


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Yeh, I had something like this about 1 1/2 or so ago, I have a tip. Because you're going to to spending so much time on the toilet, DON'T just lean your elbows on your thighs for long periods of time. You'll likely bruise your legs, and possibily hurt your back as well. Make a point of sitting up. I'm seriously about this, it's all about comfort while you ride this out.

God speed Mr. King!

- M.

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dude -

i had a horrible experience with norwak....puking, shitting, etc..while havinjg to take care of my baby boy - who had the same thing. Some tips would be:

- plan to sleep in the bathroom, make it comfy

- by electrolyte powder(like gatoraid minus the sugar), it tastes weird, but helps keep you hydrated.- i think there is a brand called "gastrolyte"

- definately smoke a bowl or two - helps settle the stomach.

- drink alot of gingerale, total placebo, but helps, remember - small sips.

- mine lasted for just over 24hours, so don't worry buddy, the end is in sight.

- listen to as much Jerry as you can, jazz is good too, covers the sound of puking;)

take a shower, or several - another placebo.

hope this helps, take care man.


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