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little help?


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anyone have any experience spawning shrooms?

do i need some of these special mail order grain-to-grain bags? or can i just use some reynolds oven bags?

anyone got a favourite medium? i was thinking some birdseed and vermiculite or perlite on the bottom and top?

i know this is an off-colour topic and all, but im only talking about growing portobellos, im a freak, i love em.

[big Grin][Wink]

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I love portabellos too [Wink] , and have a little experience.

I used a rice medium (you have to steam the shit out of it to rid bacteria).

As for the bags, I don't know what type of instructions you have- but I used two old aquariums. I got the kit at a head shop for $20- and scored around 50 large mushrooms for the $50 total investment. This made a tonne of killer evenings. Nothing like a great spaghetti dinner, followed by the strangest dessert ever [big Grin]


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the bags are good for bulk. instead of little cakes you mix a big bag of it, when thats colonized you spawn it into a bigger bag, so on and so forth till youve got the right amount of the stuff,,, i did rice cakes once last year,, worked out okay but im seting my sights higher this time. alot of ppl i know like to cook with the portobellos too so the more the merrier

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