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New Band Cavern!


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the guy starting this thread named CAVERNFAN has no relation to the band or even relation to a fan of the band......like ive been trying to say he is just trying to start shit, which he/she is doing a great job by the way!........so shut the fuck up...all of u about cavern.....leave the band alone....and for u fellow fans..drop it....i advise all fellow cavern fans too leave this site......start a new home somewhere else.....send me a personal message and we'll discuss where we shall start a new begining.......sorry to all.........WERE ALLLL OUT!

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really,, cavern even has there own message board so why can't they keep all this crap over there, and what do the cavern band members think about there fans running around giving the band a bad name?

just get a new name, and i will even come to your first show as a sign of good faith

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