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Hope T-Bay treated you kids well! Say hi to the boys and to your folks for me...

and I got a HYSTERICAL message from the big and friendly last night from the show... you boys were hittin the sauce or what??? [Wink]

Tell Mike and Jer the house is still in one piece... and pretty clean too!

Have fun, drive safe, take care, play that funky music.

Miss you guys!



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Actually, you better warn mike and Jer. Seems Mary is running some kind of man whore operation out of the house while they're gone. I went over there last night to score some crack and a 1/4 oz of H and man, cougars everywhere!!!! All these manho's in tight pants running around. When I asked her what the roomie's were gonna say, she told me it didn't matter cause she was gonna turn them out too. Wow, seems M is the new kingpin of the manho world. I think that bling is going to her head.

Ps. hope that new road manager you got isn't causing to much havok.

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BK ... hysterical! [big Grin]

First off - you can NEVER have too much bling, cougars or manhos! They make the world go round!

And yes, Giggles has been turning quite the tidy profit with those tight pants of his... I'm savin' up for my pink Cadillac! [Wink]

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