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New GD Vault release!


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From www.dead.net:

Rockin' the Rhein with the Grateful Dead is the first-ever complete show release from the well-documented Europe '72 tour, which is widely considered one of, if not THE best, Grateful Dead tours of all time.

Mixed from the original 16-track analog master tapes, and mastered in glorious HDCD, Rockin' the Rhein finally unleashes one of the most sought-after performances from the Grateful Dead's legendary vault, the unabridged April 24, 1972 show from Dusseldorf, West Germany.

Highlights of the typically-stunning song list for the era are: a lengthy first set workout on "Playing In The Band;" a classic Pigpen rap-surrounded-by-excellent-improvisation on "Good Lovin';" the second-ever performance of "He's Gone;" and one of the longest and most dynamic renditions of "Dark Star" ever played, clocking in at nearly 45 minutes. As an added bonus, we have included two songs from the May 24, 1972 show in London, including the final version of "Turn On Your Lovelight" sung by Pigpen. Of equal interest in these bonus tracks is the way in which "Lovelight" smoothly segues into a heart-felt version of "The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)," the only time these two songs were played together. To see the full tracklist for the CD, please click on the product image.

As a thank-you for pre-ordering, we have produced an exclusive, limited-edition bonus CD that is available only through GDStore.com, culled from the band's legendary Academy of Music concerts in March, 1972. An excellent accompaniment to the recently-released Dick's Picks Vol. 30, this bonus CD features only previously unreleased music. It's our gift to you, and only available from GDStore.com.

The official release date for the CD is Tuesday, May 25.


Oh yeah, here's the track listing, too:

Disc One:

1. Truckin'

2. Tennessee Jed

3. Chinatown Shuffle

4. Black-Throated Wind

5. China Cat Sunflower>

6. I Know You Rider

7. Mr. Charlie

8. Beat It On Down The Line

9. Loser

10. Playing In The Band

11. Next Time You See Me

12. Me & Bobby McGee

Disc Two:

1. Good Lovin'

2. Casey Jones

3. He's Gone

4. Hurts Me Too

5. El Paso

5/24/72 Lyceum Theatre, London:

6. Lovelight>

7. The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)

Disc Three:

1. Dark Star>

2. Me and My Uncle>

3. Dark Star>

4. Wharf Rat>

5. Sugar Magnolia

6. Not Fade Away>

7. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad>

8. Not Fade Away

9. One More Saturday Night

Bonus CD:

Playing In The Band

Sugar Magnolia>



Uncle John's Band

Dark Star

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Originally posted by Booche:

I just got a boner.

Hamilton, you are my new favorite Skank now.

Hey, I got a question for ya Hamilton:

How am I supposed to pee in the toilet now?

Looks like piegin beat me to that one. I'm going to stop now, though, because there's already been too much mention of boners and beating for one thread. Even if that's exactly what the thought of this new release makes you want to do.

There ain't nuthin' wrong with more Europe '72 Dead out there... I think I'll get really high right now and put on Steppin' Out to celebrate. [Cool]

No, I don't mean the Joe Jackson album... [Wink]

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I have also achieved wood, and having the Dead do that to me is like getting wood from a physically revolting one night stand you made a mistake with years and years ago...and then you see her again and get wood and you don't know why because you're totally hooked up with someone else (slip) now and yet your body is telling you that you want something else and you can hardly believe it but yeah...you're going to bury the salami in that nasty creature over there even though there's no splaining why.

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