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Originally posted by c-towns:

I'm surprised this show isnt talked about more on this site, I don't laugh harder at any other show on television.

...but have you seen it on weeeeed.

Git it on.

Seriously, that is the funniest show ever. The spills these poeple take are unreal, it;s funny no one has been seriously hurt yet. I'd like to see a home made canadian version of that show.

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Did anybody see the one that's supposed to emulate a base-runner stealing second base, but right in front of second base is a huge mud pit? There was this one guy who did a flip, but got his head stuck in the mud. He was completely stuck, probably dying, but nobody rushed up to help him. The one guy just tagged him out and walked away! I love their complete lack of respect for human life [big Grin]

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I bet the folks who are actually on this show would think the voiceovers that are added are just as bazar as what they are doing in the first place. So many of the jokes rely on English language puns and North American cultural references, I think they'd think that it was totally strange if it was translated back to Japanese.

My favorite spot ever was when one of the hosts was doing "research" into new possible competitions - one involved him being strapped to a board and dropped face-first by some other guys into the mud. It was totally pointless - there wasn't an actual "game" aspect to it at all, just a guy getting dropped face-first into the mud!! And then they just kept doing it!! I was losing it!!!

I love watching this show, but I can usually only take so much before I start to go into some kind of weird trance and want to put on a helmet and jump off my roof into a giant tub of tofu or something... I think a marathon would drive me completely insane!


- Mr. M.

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I have seen a marathon one sunday after a heavy night of partying, greatest thing for a rough next day.

There was one episode where the contestants were all decked out in costumes (excellent costumes taboot) that they had very limited movement in. It was by far the funniest episode I have ever seen.

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