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Photo Album of Slip 2003- in anticipation for slip 2004

Groove Fetish

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Slip album 2003:

Come Together Music Festival:

What an experience- the fist most intense show that introduced me to the slip- Like wow….Because the Camera was still only a few months old and it was the first weekend that I discovered the kaleidoscope shots – I wouldn’t say tons of shots of the band were that great that weekend. But things got better and there were certainly a number of gems. It may also have been the case that I actually decided to just enjoy the show and limit my shutter bugging. It happens. There is a shot from this series that brad always commented on when seeing it on the camera screen- that it would be a great poster because of the white spot and all the band members on it- you know it when you see it.- plus it’s called poster.


El Mocombo, Toronto:

I was obsessed with taking shots and this show- and well- I think it was worth it- there is a series of Brad in the red light and such that are just riveting!

there were so many good shots here....



What more needs be said- wow- It was neat knowing a band in a such a manner and seeing them there- they wanted to hang with us after their set- but they had too much other type of industry attention they had to deal with after so we hung with the crew instead and then got back to other music.


Le Swimming, Montreal.

Where we drove up with Kung and Melissa- and had the time of out lives staying in this crazy hotel around the corner from the hotel that the band was at and having Brad come hang with us for a bit when he got back to the room.


Any show in Montreal has so far taken on a crazy intensity- I love the city for what it tends to bring out in people!

Ahhh- can’t wait for Slip 2004 shit to go down!

Groovefetish, Weirdness and the Slip 2003 Album

by the way for those of you who may view the net through Netscape more regularly- thsi album never seems to want to view properly through it on my machine- so i couldn't predict- but I recommend viewing through Internet Explorer.

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