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Three Nights Of Great Music In Hamilton


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Dubmactic->Diesel Dog->Burt Neilson

Wow what a weekend i hope funny was had by all @ The PJC. Thanks to all who attend these shows. With crowds like we seen this past weekend at The PJC there's no way were letting up.

Uncle Funguy Productions

March 5th Blue Quater $3

March 6th Dubmatic $4

March 9th Fat Cats (back every sunday) $3

March 11th Drums and Tuba with Blue Quarter $6

March 16th Fat Cats $3

March 20th Dubmatic $4

March 21st Caution Jam $5

March 23rd Fat Cats $3

March 27th Dubmatic $4

March 28th The Eggmen $5

The Slip May 23rd

The Wassabi Collective Friday June 13th

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Bravo to you and Ken and Greg and everyone else that has worked so hard to make Pepper Jack's a great place for live jam music.

I always have a blast when I go to PJ's for a show - there always seems to be a solid group of friendly familiar faces, and it is a nice venue with room to move around. And wow, when that patio gets going this spring/summer ... sweet!!!

Sorry I missed the BNB show on Saturday but it looks like there will be ample opportunity to party at PJ's in the future.

Peace, Mark

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After missing playing at the PJC with Diesel Dog on Friday night, I just had to check it out on Sat. when I was in Hamilton. WOW, BNB still rocks hard. It was great seeing lots of old faces and a few new/old faces keeping the scene kicking. What a great venue and a great time. Thanks for living up to your name Show Whore, and keep on shadowboxing the apocolypse, Esau13.

Note: After seeing Mark Tonin on Sun., it sounds like April 4th is going to be a rocking affair, so I urge anyone who likes live, kickass Canadian jambands to come out and support us and the scene we are creating to make it a really great night. See you there!!

Gotta get a dead quote in:

I'm dumping my trash in your backyard

Making certain you don't notice isn't really so hard

You're so busy with your guns,

And all of your excuses to use them.


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Originally posted by show--whore:

If you attended every show this month its only $40 for 23 hours of music thats crazy. Less then $2 and hour.

Money well spent!

The more you buy, the more you save! [Wink]

Glad that the shows are going well in the Hammer! Thanks for saving the town from the evil wrath of The Casbah. Its nice to know that when I do go back home, theres a good chance of catching some quality live tunes.

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