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thorgnor is a bum...


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hey wait - does this mean you guys aren't coming to K-Dub at ALL?

Well Boooo to that idea. That's just some serious ass suckage right there! And I'm not talking fine ass either - like serious stinky ass with hair and boils.

grrr... [Mad] And here I was thinkin' i'd have a couple of sweet oily bohunks on my arm for the night.

well fine - crush my dreams... crush em all to hell.

[time lapse]

ok, i'm over it now.

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I'm back... and yes, there are enough bash-Ian threads out there already [Razz]

Come QQC... Bring the Fire!!!!! K-Town needs a warm-up for the summer!!!!

Call Leelee's at when-you-can-o'clock and I'll wait...

Call Dammit!!! [big Grin]

And to all you lovely ladies out there...

nice one

[big Grin]



Ps. I do go to Crappy-U, PP. [Embarrassed][smile]

PSS. Lesley... I'll call later...XO

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qqc, you're comin' to town????? ****NICE!!!***

pink and i will be heading to phil's in the 9:30-10pm range, so qqc, you have no excuse. [big Grin] thorg, if you're not doing the whole pub crawl, you should at LEAST come out for some philage. an invite has even been extended to our one and only psychobilly, i will inform you of any affirmative action in this regard. hmmmmm,i wonder if we could possibly drag the *five feet of fury* out for this one? and SCHWA? where you at, homeboy? oh, a big old reunion it shall be! indeed!

we will then stumble our way along (à la pied!) & eventually end up at the walper. it should be a smashing good time. sure to be extra givin'er and booty shaking, to make up for missing the quel-que-CHOS and mike shananagans fiesta last weekend. right o, brothaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

lesley???? do i read this correcttly? hmmm! well, to this i say, hello my dear....welcome... now get yer lurkin' ass out in the open & share the love! [big Grin]

one love indeed.


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okay, okay, im coming... no chance im gonna get any work done here this weekend... but misspink, could i ask a favour or two? do you have flash and dreamweaver texts i could borrow and peruse for a couple weeks, or even just the weekend? ...i got a few bugs i want to work out.

plus, ...whatever.

Let's fuckin' give'r!

Thorgnor, i guess i'll be pickin' ya up, i'll still call layla's [Wink]

Leslie!!!! ...i'll bet she's CavernFan.

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QQC - I just put those text books in my car so I won't forget. I have tons of flash stuff for ya... nothing on dreamweaver though.

woohoo - the boyz are comin' to town! I see a shitfaced Mir in the future ...(holy christ, fuckin' potty mouth on me today eh?)

I hope they play michael jackson - haven't shown off my moves in awhile.

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hahahaha, pink you make me laugh!

megs, looking foward to tonight,even if we'll only begin the inebriation ceremonies at phil's. it'll be good times though!

and ohhhhhhhh yes indeed, evil eddie richards has come alllllllll the way from jolly old england to stir up some oldskool flave! $12 at the door, basement of the walper. boooya.

yeah, what the hell is with that givin'er gov'na guy anyway??? i mean, i know his computer at home is slightly awol, but sheesh, does he go to backasswards u? do they not have computer labs at yokry yorky?

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evil eddie eh? i remember meeting him at plastikman's musik release party in toronto, 1995. eddie played first, and i stood beside him for the better part of richie's live performance. i think i talked his ear off...

yeah, i talked to ian a few days ago, and told him i'd post here to let him know if i could pick him up... its not just an impromptu bash ian thread. the world has enough of those already.

hey ian, word, nice one. im still on the fence, so i'll try your friend leigh's (sp?) after school around five, hopefully you're somewhere.

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