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favorite phish year?


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In order:

1 - 1997

2 - 2003

3 - 1995

4 - 1999

5 - 1998

Yup. I like the latter days over the pre-Billy Breathes stuff. Why? Because for all those blinding hot, picture-perfect performances of 1992 > 1994 (which are great, no doubt) I prefer the later period's original material and the looser approaches to jamming (like trolls on mescaline).

Having said that, I think 1996 and 2000 are stinker years with the odd great show.

My $.0.02. [big Grin]

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o. year, followed by why

1. 1995 -fall--10/28/95 my favourite yem

2. 1996- those boston gardens shows going into 1997 [Eek!] ; thro in the clifford ball and that whole summer tour for that matter [big Grin] , also the end of the year with the crazy piper's

3.2003; it just feels new

4. 1998 mini-spring tour-4/3/98 (i think) anyhow 2nd night nassau...if ya havn't heard it yet...its a must!

on a side note...i found the funk got tiresome....in 1997...i kknow blasphemy...but the first couple shows ya hear it its great then it just got a kinda repetitive groove on...

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Guest Low Roller

1994, 1997, 1998, and probably in that order. To be honest, I've barely listened to any 2003 Phish besides the Vegas show, the show with George Clinton, and Albany. That's not enough to develop an opinion on an entire year.

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My favorite year is probably 2000... There was a certain maturity to their sound, and the jams were phenomanal as well... I also caught quite a few good shows that year, which probably biases me somewhat. Other great years for me are 97, 94, and 91... Even some of the 89 stuff is fantastic...All of them are pretty fuckin' good though...

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I've been grabbing tons of 94' phish these days. My formative Phish years were 92-95, dropped out for a while after that and resurfaced for 99', 2000, and am loving 2003!

For me right now, i think 94' is doing the most for me...so fresh, the boys still had something to prove...

what about others....

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Ah yes, an oldie but a goodie.

will have to go with either 95 or possibly 2002.

those in MY OPINION are the years when they were at their jamming best. Lots of great rock and roll and not a lot of wanky weeeeeeeooooo weeeeeeeeoooooo.

I agree with you though PhK, gotta love the funk of the late 90's.

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Phish didn't play from 2000-10-07 to 2002-12-31... (Yes they reunited for a couple of songs at a wedding, but since that show never circulated, it doesn't count). You people who say that 2001 was your favorite Phish year either hate Phish or don't know anything about them...

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