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David Byrne news!

Tungsten Gruvsten

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One of my fave concerts of all time(ever) was Byrne at massey hall in 92 - unbelievable tour, and the Uh-oh album was killer too.

One of my least fave concerts was byrne a few years ago at the phoenix. He seemed very awkward, the band was brand spankin' new and took no chances, and he played a freakin' WHITNEY HOUSTON SONG for the encore.

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Hey Knightly Boogie,

Doesn't look like we'll be getting a Toronto date unless they add it in on the 24th. The sched so far is as follows:

5/12/04 - Buffalo. NY SUNY Buffalo - Center for the Arts

5/13/04 - Pittsburgh, PA Byham Theatre

5/15/04 - Ithaca, NY State Theater

5/16/04 - Poughkeepsie, NY Bardavon

5/17/04 - Verona, NY Turning Stone Casino Resort

5/18/04 - New London, CT Garde Arts Center

5/20/04 - Boston, MA Berklee Performance Hall

5/21/04 - Philadelphia, PA Merriam Theater

5/22/04 - Annapolis, MD Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

5/23/04 - Concord, NH The Capitol Center for the Arts

5/25/04 - Montreal, Canada Place Des Arts - Maissoneuve Theatre

5/26/04 - Burlington. VT Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

5/27/04 - Morristown. NJ Community Theatre

5/29/04 - Tarrytown. NY Tarrytown Music Hall

5/30/04 - Portland, ME State Theater

6/1/04 - Washington, DC Birchmere

I've booked off work from May 21st to June 1st. Schedule is as follows... May 2-4 weekend, then D.B. in Montreal on the 25th, followed by the Slip & GTB in Montreal on the 27th, then it's off to the Shaker! Road trip indeed!!! [big Grin]

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Some new news regarding Talking Heads' David Byrne. [smile]

His newest solo album "Grown Backwards" is a stunner. Beautiful.

Even better news is D.B.'s Canadian tourdate (only one though) has been posted by his record label (Nonesuch):

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 - MONTREAL, Canada Place Des Arts - Maissoneuve Theatre

If you're interested, D.B. did an approx 1/2 hour long interview re: the new album and all things Byrne on Tuesday, March 16th @ radio station WNYC.

Click here to listen...

Lastly, keep on reading below for a review on the new album.


[big Grin]


- eye magazine CD review

DAVID BYRNE - Grown Backwards * * * * (4 stars!!!!)


He's long been known as rock's Renaissance man, but it's likely even the most rabid David Byrne fan would pale at the notion of him singing operatic arias. Perhaps, after publishing a DVD of Powerpoint art, Byrne felt the logical next step in his artistic progression was to drop some Bizet and Verdi into a mix of original songs. And how's his new new direction? A little jarring at first, but surprisingly good.

Over the past couple of years, Byrne and his wife of 15 years split up, and his label, Luaka Bop, was dropped by its major-label distributor, Virgin. There's a fitting melancholy to Grown Backwards, expressed in Byrne's non-confessional way. You'll find him singing lyrics like "In the event of a pressure loss, all our lines are busy now," in a wistful tone. Deadpan social criticism -- as on "Empire," which sounds like a national anthem for a social Darwinist state -- is offset by abstract songs that seem to promote the acceptance of change.

Grown Backwards is typically diverse, incorporating elements of Latin music, alt-country (he covers Lambchop's "The Man Who Loved Beer") and funky pop, all meticulously arranged with strings and horns. As Byrne says in his liner notes, he's been writing with melodies rather than grooves in mind.

These days, songs with this many chord changes tend to be found only in musicals, films and Divine Comedy albums. Hence the album's unexpected sense of drama, culminating in the two arias, one of which is a duet with Rufus Wainwright. Byrne sings without the usual intense operatic vibrato, and he sounds more heartfelt than ever. When he reaches the high notes in his reedy upper register, it's both endearing and celebratory. There's little rock here, but the Renaissance man forges on, into the future through the past.


D.B. - the man


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