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i'm comin home!


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i'll be driving home on thursday of this week. I haven't been home since christmas and don't have enough time to see everybody individually, so here's my itinerary...

thursday...drive and chill in kemptville with my folks, cats, and possibly any sort of suprise party entourage.

friday....still debating...blue quarter in kingston...anyone interested in carpooling, leaving enough room to pick up smokeythinker from work is all good in my books. she's in kingston

saturday...go chill with tND and see the show...hopefully...if i don't get arrested for stalking. thjis time i won't bring flowers and an autograph book. I'm trying to get together with my friend jackie some time this break but don't know if i have enough time for chillin, illin, and swillin...let alone coherence...maybe i'll try to drag her along. we've gotta show this girl a good time if i do though - i know she'd party like we do and she's a fox. yeah yeah yeah...focus on a percieved alterior motive if you'd like but I've heard so many women in the scene complaining about how this is a boys' club and since all the girls in the boys' club are cute as hell, i'm just trying to keep up our standards... [Razz] ...at least i'm trying to do something about it for you girls!

this may sound a bit juvenile but I think that when bands see beautiful people groovin to what they're layin' down they can get into it a bit more...and it all gets reciprocated nicely. i know i love to see ladies groovin to what i put down.

sunday...drive back to london..maybe monday...

anyone interested in coming back to london with me please let me know. i can't offer a ride back east though.

you just have to be able to handle my silliness.

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