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Not-so-weird QOTD 03-05-03


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If you could eliminate forever the invention of one item, what would it be?

I am itching to say the television. The box has turned our society into retarded lemmings. Sure some good has come from it (like Joe Millionaire [Roll Eyes] ) but for the most part I think it rotts brains and distracts from quality time with family. It feeds propaganda. I mean even the shows that are supposed to be serious, informitive and educational are spouting biased crap. People will believe anything in news format. CNN is just as guilty as Jon Stewart.

So I'm itching to say the television but instead I'm going to go with velcro.

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I would say guns and bombs.

Although I read a book once about an island where guns did'nt exist. Instead people just used this weed that they threw on their enemy's garden at night and by morning it spread and killed their whole crop. Unfortunatly even without guns and bombs evil would still prevail to some extent.

But I still pick guns and bombs much more far reaching than evil weeds.

I dunno about dissing the velcro Ms. H... after trying to get a group of 5 year olds to put on their shoes for and outing you may be thanking yuor stars for velcro...that alot of loops and bows to help with.

Although maybe if velcro was'nt invented we would spend more time teaching that skill. Tough call

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Just for the record, I enjoy The Daily Show very, very much. I guess comparing it with CNN made it look bad. My problem is more with CNN and other "news" programs that only tell us one, over-glamourized and exaggerated side of a story.

People watch the news and take it for face value instead of looking into things themselves before making up their minds. I am not going to let the media tell me how to feel about something.

Jon Stewart = DAMN GOOD!!!

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I dont' think that's a jon stewart dis'

I think that ms. hux is making a comparison between the 'fake news' stories on JS where they interview wierd people and edit it to go to really bizarre places, and 'news' on CNN.

- my QOTD answer....

Get rid of Duct Tape so people can learn to fix things for real!

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The root of ALL evil...

Get rid of money, and you would rid the world of many evils. Greed, laziness, needless competition, financial stress..etc etc...

Fair trade, barter and Bio-dynamic farming would make life soooo much easier.

I'm sure it will never happen...but I'm in if it does!!!

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