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Welcome Fellow East Coastners!

Greg Hemmings

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Backbacon...where the hell were you man? The only reason the shaker sucked is because you were at home pumping gas or something..and yeah it was really weird, I was in the woods with this dude named greg checking out the northern lights, when he decided to try to put the mack on me, good thing that wizard came or who knows how far that creep would have gone...by the way who am I??? And how do I get a hold of myself, it would be nice to see me again....ok, time to go to bed

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lol, I went up there alone from sj. I was leaning against the bar with navy pants and a red t-shirt bobbing my head side tot side with my eyes closed. The only person I actually talked to the whole night was jebus' keyboard player. Still don't really know anyone from the hub or here in real life, I guess.

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Hey Greg and all you east coasters!!

We are on our way out for the Fall Shaker in Sept. and just wanted to touch base with as many folks as we can before we get there.

If you don't know who Diesel Dog is, check out our website (www.dieseldog.ca). You can download a few studio tunes as well as our live release, "Live At The Lanc".

We are very pleased to making our first (and hopefully not our last) appearance out east and look forward to meeting all of you kind eastern folk. Great work on the movie, Greg. See you in the fall.

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