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    where'd the Slip forum go?!?!?

    Brad getting the Robbie Robertson treatment singing into a dead mic, lol
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    Some big acts I'd like to see on here (maybe down the road?), but cool that we can access this (I own the CD of the Galaxie 500 session): https://davestrickson.blogspot.com/2020/05/john-peel-sessions.html
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    Some artists you slip forum dweebs will surely enjoy. Unfortunately, it's only audio. https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2020/05/29/864470936/stream-over-100-shows-from-the-9-30-club
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    Davey Boy 2.0

    where'd the Slip forum go?!?!?

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    Davey Boy 2.0

    my first GD show on tonight

    pretty stoked, tell you whut
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    Davey Boy 2.0

    where'd the Slip forum go?!?!?

    I've seen that 'conductor' guy (shaggy hair, front row centre) in another webcast recently..I think it was Terrapin X-Roads show. Into it.
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    SMMD Sleepyhead transcription help

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    Wow...I do believe I've stumbled upon the ORIGINAL 40 Main thread. It's like an archeological find!!!!
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    Hey all! I've been streaming every day for the past few weeks...well, almost every day - sundays off. I've been doing a live electronic thing... mostly all improvised. Lots of synths, lots of jamming. Usually about 45 minutes long. lots of music here.... https://currentfantasy.bandcamp.com/ Monday - Friday...10am EDT...Saturday at 10pm. https://www.facebook.com/jeff.heisholt
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