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    Fucking Dark Star - I love that god damn song.
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    Also there’s a Paul McCartney tribute act this year, which mystifies me. Will he play only post-Beatles material? Will he play Beatles material but with a non-Beatles themed backing band? Did they only have the budget for 1/4 of a Beatles tribute? All actual questions that I have. Edit: I Googled it. The guy aims to recreate a Paul McCartney show, playing solo and Wings material as well as Beatles tunes. So there’s that.
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    Woodstock 50 lineup out

    When they announced the lineup and had the ticket onsale date set for weeks in advance I was suspicious. When does that happen?!?! Well, seems like they are having problems down there. The Black Keys have pulled out, the fest doesn't have the proper permits yet, and now they've postponed the ticket sales. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/04/woodstock-50-ticket-postponement/
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    Epic Covers

    Celebrated Easter with DaveyBoy 2.0 and Catphish. Porch dwellers with hockey and tunes. At one point their playlist offered the Infamous Stringdusters doing Midnight Moonlight > Bathtub Gin jam. I fucking love that band.
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    Epic Covers

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    Epic Covers

    A short but cool clip/cover. Doesn't feel like seven years since he passed. Opening of the PBS show "Great Drives" .
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    Very cool sit in. Geddy must live close, I saw him there watching Darkstar once. TimmyB caught this https://www.rushisaband.com/blog/2019/04/11/5255/Geddy-Lee-performs-with-Claypool-Lennon-Delirium-at-Danforth-Music-Hall-in-Toronto-last-night
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    Epic Covers

    Hengelo, Netherlands, May 24 1991.
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    I will probably post this another thousand times.............
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    Epic Covers

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    King Gizzard in Montreal

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    ,,,,,,,,,,,,because sports.................. https://www.tsn.ca/chestnut-sets-new-record-with-74-hot-dogs-1.1130903
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