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    Dusty Drifters @ Das Lokal (Ott.) Jan. 31

    We went last night. Hard to believe that was my first time seeing the Dusty Drifters. Lots and lots of talent in that band. I'm glad we made reservations; we showed up at 7:15 and the place was full. Our table for two was waiting for us by the door. I called the bar last week and was told the mucis was starting at 7:30 but they were already on when we arrived. The bar/restaurant is a bit odd. I guess it's a German-themed place (funny the name didn't tip me off) with a really, really short menu. There were five items on the menu in total and fries was one of them. There was also a sausage plate, goulash, something else and a mushroom melt, which is what Heather and I ordered to share. At $14 it wasn't cheap but not too overpriced either, but at the same time it was pretty good but not great. When the waiter came he explained that they had $5 pints and then he said, "But don't be embarrassed to order the $5 pint because it's good beer, Stiegl." I thought that was really odd. When Heather looked over the drink menu she mentioned that there were no other beers listed. "Bummer," he said, before listing off the other two or three kinds of beers they had. We both ordered the $5 pints and they were't pints at all. We got tall, thin glasses of beer but we could see other beers came in proper pints. Bummer. A final observation: I'm not crazy about restaurants that attempt to be a bit upscale but have the decor of a cheap pub. They tables were made of roughly sawn planks outfitted with cheap metal chairs. If you're going with that sort of decor at least have a burger on your menu. I know this is the "in" thing, but to me it's just cheaping out on the furnishings. All that said, I'm about to reserve a table for the next Nachtmuzic, Brian Browne at the end of February.
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