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  1. Here's my shorter review. Kimock was awesome, great to see Andy Hess playing again. Magpie Salute was easily the best black crowes cover band I have ever seen (I have never seen a black crowes cover band). I'm going to disagree with edger on this one and say they were 100% going for the classic crowes sound and did an amazing job of recreating it. Hearing Marc Ford and rich together again was awesome. If Eddie could have been there would have been perfect. Lead singer does an admirable Chris imitation. But nothing beats the original. Greensky bluegrass were cool. I found cabinet pai
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  2. What another incredible time leaving it all up on the mountain. Traveled with a reliable, experienced, hilarious, debaucherous, adventurous, music loving crew. Made the essential decision to roll in Wednesday night so we could get on the mountain first thing in the morning to set up. We did the same last year. It really is the difference between landing a spot amidst the trees, on as reasonably flat ground as you will find on a mountainside, outside of any gullies as opposed to baking your onion in the early morning sun or dealing with a torrential river flowing through your tent as the m
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