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    "They're not Phish, are they?"

    That's what the guy said. He was standing a few feet away from me on the bus, and he had a Phil and Friends t-shirt on. I had a Phish t-shirt on, and we made eye/t-shirt contact, recognizing the common ground we had both tread on. The "they" he was referring to was the Dave Matthews Band, and we were on our way back from seeing them at the Corel Centre. "No, they're not," I replied. "Well, if you like Phish, you have to check out 'nero'," he said. That was the second time I'd heard that band's name that day; earlier, I'd had a reply from a guy I had e-mailed, who was looking for people to fill out a jamband he was forming. He didn't need a guitar player, but told me to check out 'nero' if I liked jammy guitar stuff. "They're playing downtown tonight. You should come out," my bus-buddy said. OK, I took the twice-hearing-of-a-band-I-didn't-know-in-one-day as a Sign, and went along. It was a tiny, upstairs bar, and the decor was more like a biker hangout than a Nice Place. There was a stage over in the corner, with a trio of musicians' gear on. The band started playing, and I was hooked. Walls of emotion-filled music wafted over me, wrapped around me, and then went through me. I don't think I'd ever been that close to something like that. Time passed, and the band finished. Being a guitar player and a gearhead, I noticed something unusual: the guitarist's amp. "Hi, I'm Brad," I introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Dave," he replied. "What model of Dr. Z is that?" I asked. "Wow...most people don't know it's not a Zenith..." Can you say "fast friends"? I thought you could... Can you remember where you were or what you doing three years ago? I can: all of the all of the above happened on Tuesday, August 7, 2001, three years ago, today. I walked away from the bar, The Whipping Post, with a couple of things: knowledge of a new (to me) band I liked a lot, a website to go to (then called The Phish Sanctuary), and a couple of new friends, including the guy I talked to him on the bus: Davey Boy. I had spent most of the '90s living a quiet life. I might go to a show or two, but hardly ever a club; I didn't know many bands, and had a pretty small circle of friends. Some of my "hibernation" was due to a hangover from a pretty tough few years at school, but a lot of it was, I think, shyness, and the paralysis induced by a feeling of safety. Since then, well, words almost fail me. I've made more friends, seen more shows (125 days with shows in 2003, alone), and done more in the past three years than I'd done in the ten years before. I don't amalgate well (there's a certain bit of loner in my psyche), but this community has, without thinking, I believe, it's just the way it works, welcomed me, and allowed me to grow and do what I can and be what I am (and have become). It's given me so much, and allowed me to give back so much, that, I can't (and don't want to) imagine what my life would be (and would have been) without all of it. Bring on the next three years! (Well, after I get through celebrating the anniversary at GTB tonight. : {{{{{{{{{all of you}}}}}}}}} Aloha, BRAD (Been Reminiscing About Daves)
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    I suspect a lot of you guys know this story but I think it was after this Dave Matthews show in 2001 when, on public transport back to Ottawa... well I hadn't really enjoyed the show and may have been venting a bit. I spotted a lanky fellow freak in a Phish t-shirt... and announced to everyone in the immediate vicinity "Now there's someone that knows good music". I told him about how nero was playing afterward, downtown and told him he should go see the show. Years later and every now and then he'd sling his arm around me, reminiscing about that fateful night. It almost became comical, trying to remember who owed whom a round since the last show, since the last shared moment of musical magic, since the last exchange of the broadest of shit-eating grins. I think we've all heard that line from him "THIS is why I tape!" and everyone who did hear it couldn't help but feel that infectious unbridled joy. Over the years his love of live music and enthusiasm for the next show never wavered. The number of friends he met and embraced along the way was and remains a shining example of the kind of unconditional friendship and love that we should all strive for. Farewell Brad, thank you for the legacy, the memories and the love.
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    Oh wow, thanks for bumping that post, Hart. I was devastated to hear this terrible news. At home this morning, I heard Ollie yell "Oh no!"...to which I replied "Oh no...Who died?", thinking that yet another celebrity passed away. Unfortunately, the news was much worse, much closer to home. Brad was indeed a celebrity in his own right in this town's music community. I just saw Brad less than two weeks ago. I was always happy to see Brad at a house party or concert. I felt comfort when seeing him because if I didn't know who to talk to, I knew I could talk to him. And it was about music. I always asked him what shows he saw recently or was going to see soon. Last conversation we had was about Mike Essoudry. He was telling me about a show coming up at Mavericks on November 7th. I wasn't surprised to hear him mention Essoudry. He was a big fan. Another band that Brad often promoted is Souljazz Orchestra. I think of Brad whenever I see their name. Looks like I need to buy some scotch. Cheers to you, Brad!
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    This avatar is legendary and needs to be retired. One of the greatest things about this forum is that I met BradM through this forum . His history here, dates all the way back to 8/28/2001. His 23,000ish posts paint a great picture of who he was, and cover an incredible amount of shared musical experiences. Some of his year-end posts would highlight all of the wonderful events he had attended (and recorded) that year. Many of his postings were either a solid "head's up" for an upcoming show, and generally followed by a download link to a recording that he made so everyone could either hear or revisit the same great things he was often experiencing. The time and effort he put in to his archive.org contributions is pretty astounding. BradM always helped drive this forum. There will be a big whole left behind from this event. Back to the avatar. BradM chose this avatar on that day in 2001, along with his username, stylized capitalization within 'BradM', and eternally signed-off posts with a consistent "Aloha, Brad". This was his persona here, and it never wavered during all this time. Addressing him as 'BradM' ILR always felt natural. I will forever identify him through this avatar.
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    I went to the bradm well on the archive tonight after work to delve into just how much time and effort this man has put into spreading his love of music. The list of recordings is staggering. https://archive.org/search.php?query=bradm&sort=-publicdate Friends, there are 831 individual concert recording in Brad's Archive. Soak that in. Click the link and have a look at the shear number of bands he's seen and the incredible distances that it must have taken him. It truly was his passion and now is a legacy that I am positive each and every one of us would be honoured to call our own. I'll be honouring and remembering Brad with a gigantic smile for years and years to come because of this amazing gift that he has bestowed upon the music world. My first bradm Archival smile came tonight as I chose this show: https://archive.org/details/nero2002-12-21.sbd.shnf I am pretty sure that this was Punk's first show with nero. As I listened to Carol of Bells in the second set I could distinctly hear drunk-as-fuck Schwa. coming through the recording loud and clear.....fuck you, my voice carries, ok?! LOL. I couldn't help but picture Brad standing by his rig just grimacing and wishing that this loud guy would just bugger off and stop jibbering over his recording. Sorry BRO!!! Personally, and I think I speak for a lot of my friends here, I mourn tragic events like this but there is far greater merit in celebrating a life force like Brad once it has left us. I'll be keeping brad in my heart through memories like this one.
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    "They're not Phish, are they?"

    My first Jambands post in a VERY long time... thanks for bumping BradM's post. It is comforting. He will really be missed...
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    Brad's origin story. So good. Three years after that date he told the story in a thread of his own. I've bumped it up to the main page.
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    Horrible news for our community: RIP BradM

    I had to read the news several times before it sunk in. It still hasn't really. I knew Brad as a fixture of the Ottawa music scene years before I actually met him. I don't know anyone who dedicated himself with more passion to his... not a hobby but life's work. He leaves us a great legacy. Aloha Brad!
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    Absolutely crushing and devastating. I woke up today hoping it was all a bad dream. Prior to moving to Kanata, Brad was at every occurrence of my being onstage and was beyond supportive. Brad helped me gain some confidence needed to keep on keeping on with regards to opening yourself up to a crowd of drunken revellers and for that I am eternally grateful. I cant believe there wont be one more hug and I am emotionally bracing the last one we shared in August. Aloha BradM
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    "They're not Phish, are they?"

    Much love, Brad. We'll miss you.
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