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    *tucks in t-shirt*
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    Brad would go to this show, this Saturday at Petit Chicago. http://www.petitchicago.ca/en/evenement/1994-Lancement-dalbum-Under-burning-skies-Souljazz-Orchestra
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    Can Nathaniel watch Norah?
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    Very sad to hear about BradM's passing. As many of you, I know BradM through the music scene. I've been fortunate to get to know tapers from all over the country, and consider myself a amateur taper, mostly recording the shows I produced for my own use. It's a rare breed of people who dedicate themselves to this craft and I think it's such an admirable and selfless job. The taping scene in Canada is so small and those few who do it really help preserve and document our Canadian culture - and above all so many memories. He mailed me copies of the shows he taped but were not authorized to be uploaded to the archive. I remember once that he wanted to check with one of the bands he taped first before burning me a copy, in spite of the fact that I was the promoter. Outside of his admiral dedication to taping, BradM was a sweet guy. I spent more than a few set breaks with him outside and really enjoyed his different point of views and quirky sense of humour. I'll always remember him enjoying a pint, standing next to his microphones at a show enjoying himself. Much love BradM, I hope you are out there taping the great big gig in the sky.
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    Chinalog (in honour of Bradm)

    Giant pandas sleeping, eating, napping, snacking
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