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  1. For those of you who have a fondness for the unique brand of gritty, dirty beats, grooves, light, darkness & sketch that was the Comfort Zone & Silver Dollar, there is a cool little piece from Spacing magazine: http://spacing.ca/toronto/2018/02/15/peak-inside-last-days-waverly-hotel-comfort-zone/?fbclid=IwAR1_taNIcWKAnD_jn8qyiQxwQcy-0sdHC-gJ07prSa2kM1GzFlQycomweqo So many great shows there....cheers to NewRider & Mulemomma for all the amazing acts they brought through there. I have often wondered whatever happened to Cosmic Steve. These are among my MOST memorable n
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  2. Hey folks! A few weeks ago I launched Beggars Banquet, a podcast that explores the intersection of food and music. I interview bands and artists to discuss their relationship with food, on and off the road. Warning: this podcast will make you hungry! Episode #4 came out this morning and it features Andrew Barr. We talk about what it’s like growing up with a mom who worked alongside celebrity chef Julia Child, and how that influenced his tastes and cooking abilities. We also discuss making music in The Barr Brothers and Andrew’s role as a go-to-drummer in the tight-kn
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