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    Sad, a real tortured soul Mike got to hang out with him a bit in Ottawa...I think there are photos somewhere on this site of him in a music (or comic book?) shop here in town.
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    Who was in Comfort Station?

    If it has been uploaded to the archive then Brad's work was done, as far as I am concerned. He was big on making sure the band was 'ok' with that. If a band told him not to put it on BTREE or anywhere, he wouldnt do it and made it his own personal collection. I loved that about him.
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    Who was in Comfort Station?

    I would have paid money to watch you try this.
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    I’m assuming Velvet won’t mind if I copy what he just posted on Facebook: —— Attention friends of Bradm: On SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 @ 5pm there will be a memorial picture hanging at Irene’s Pub followed by a toast to our departed friend. Brad's mother and brother will be coming to Ottawa to attend and it would be great to see a lot of Brad's friends out for this. See you all there! ——
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    Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)

    Truly sad news. Rest well, in peace.
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    Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)

    Devastating. I had the chance to hang with Neal for two nights while on Cardinals tour in 2007. Such a kind and gentle man. RIP
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    Jeff Austin Band - Waste

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    that FUCKING out of tune guitar!!!!! jezus Bobby (+ his tech)
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    Yeah this is some pretty smoking stuff! Trey fits in here better than his sit in with Khruangbin, which was still great
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    I'll be the judge of all of your thoughts, hold on...
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    Yes, watch the whole thing, but here’s Layla on its own:
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    I just want to give a big cheers to everyone who has shared within this thread over the years. I've been introduced to so much awesome music just from this thread alone. You all kick ass. Drink up!
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    How about them Phish?

    Ive done dicks before and I quite like dicks.
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    Trey and Rachel - God only Knows

    Epic for the pairing, not necessarily for the lead vox. lol.
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    Will definitely try and make it... Hopefully with Finley... our '74 Westy
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    Junior Parker - Taxman

    You dont often hear a twist such as this
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