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    From Bradm's mom...

    Just received this email from Bradm's mother Lois today: "We brought his ashes back when he died and until yesterday (Sunday) the urn was in my bedroom closet. To back track, when his Dad died in 2002, Ken was on our condo's Board of Directors and in his honour, a white magnolia bush was planted on our condo property. Steve and I decided to put Brad's ashes around the base of what has become a BIG tree. Yesterday here was a bit cloudy and even though there is a walking a path close to the tree no gardening staff were on duty. We took a spade, loosened the earth and put the ashes around the tree. As you may gather the McFarlane's are not outwardly religious. Steve and Brad were both Monty Python fans and Steve said a few words as did I. We came back up to the condo and Steven found a video of John Cleese giving a eulogy at Python's Graham Chapman's death ( I think it was his) singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life If you haven't seen it, check out YouTube. It was hilarious and we figured Brad would approve............Lois"
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    It is the anniversary of 05-08-77

    Grateful Dead Capitol Theater 1971-02-18 First Wharf Rat, and only version of the "Beautiful Jam" (transition from WF back into DS). Dark Star > Wharf Rat* > Dark Star https://archive.org/details/gd71-02-18.sbd.orf.107.sbeok.shnf
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    Geddy did an hour-long interview with CBC Radio host Alan Neal. The place was almost entirely full of Rush geeks of all ages. Geddy's hilarious stories were mostly about the interviews he did with other notable bass players when he put together his book, and also about the bass players and music that influenced his playing. He had a funny Jewish mother joke (not the 1st time I've heard him tell it) which earned a round of applause! After a handful of questions from audience members, all attendees bought the book lined up to get it autographed and to bask in his glow for 15-20 seconds.
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    Check out the review of the show I did for LiveForLiveMusic: https://liveforlivemusic.com/features/zapp-leo-nocentelli-futuretype-newdeal-brooklynbowl/
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    That's me running from Angry Booche.
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    I can't remember the last time I saw a roll call thread on here. I thought the occasion warranted one. Soooo....whose in? Limo bussing into Toronto from Hamilton with a bunch of folks and then off to Blossom. Looks like weather is going to be nice which is a feat these days. Excited.
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    I will be in attendance, looking to see if I recognize any of you all still. Can't wait.
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    It is the anniversary of 05-08-77

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    Trev there will be tonnes of cheap tickets in the lot. See ya'll there.
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    One more sleep!! Yayyyyyy!
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    https://www.nugs.tv/free/?showID=77 Wilco Sunday, Jun 16th 2019, 2:30 PM ET Paradiso Amsterdam, NL
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    I thought this deserved its own thread: Link to Jambase article
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    What are you listening to right now?

    You are gonna like this one Jaimoe
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    Following a late-afternoon wakeup and dragging my Bourbon Street-sized hangover to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (barely) in time to catch Bruce Springsteen’s amazing set, I found myself some Cajun nourishment and in short order made my way to the Saenger Theatre for a highly anticipated tribute concert dedicated to one of The Big Easy’s biggest heroes (and obvious inspiration for The Electric Mayhem’s hip-happenin’ far out bandleader, Dr. Teeth), the great Dr. John. The lineup was scheduled to include the likes of Mavis Staples, Jimmie Vaughan, Gregg Allman, Lucinda Williams, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Warren Haynes, and so many more, not to mention the man himself, Dr. John; the anticipation of such a conglomerate of talent was almost exciting enough to cut through the self-imposed physical and mental crunch that I was enduring, though the Springsteen set had been energetic enough to have already propped me up a little, and I’m sure the solid sustenance I was able to get down my throat between events helped to bring me back to life. But the theatre itself really bolstered my energy. Merely stepping into the newly renovated space was somewhat exhilarating, the immaculately decorated flooring, the majestic chandeliers glistering overhead, the posh ornamentation of…everything. Wow (I thought), this is what a theatre is supposed to look like. Emerging upstairs into the balcony I was thankful for my comfortable seat and was instantly mesmerized by the glinting starry lights embedded into the impossibly wide, blue ceiling. The upper crust of the theatre is inexplicably lined with Roman statues that lend it a pompousity that somehow remains firmly tasteful. In short, the room was built to impress. Just as I was getting settled in nice and comfy-like, the lights went down and the MC’s voice boomed through the PA, shocking the sold-out crowd out of their seats with a surprise opening announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to The Saenger Theatre tonight’s opening act, the king of New Orleans, Dr. John, and the Boss of New Jersey, Mr. Bruce Springsteen!” The entire crowd leapt to their feet as the curtains went up revealing the evening’s stellar house band and the entire E Street Band backing up the good Doctor and The Boss on Right Place Wrong Time and we all went completely nuts together. There was never a hint that Bruce Springsteen was going to be involved in the concert whatsoever and then he goes and opens the show! That curtain drop truly stands out as one of the most exciting concert moments of my life. My gosh, it was so exciting. I think it even cured my hangover. The night progressed with one astounding performance after another, as artists like Jason Isbell, Widespread Panic, Irma Thomas, Cyril Neville and so many more stood onstage and did their thing (or more accurately, Dr. John’s thing in their own style) to a wildly appreciative audience who collectively knew that they were witnessing something special. Another great surprise addition to the evening was John Fogerty, while it was no big surprise that Gregg Allman sadly couldn’t make it after all, as his deteriorating health in his final years understandably caused cancellation after cancellation. (I’m pretty sure that Lucinda Williams cancelled too, which is too bad.) Oh, there was so much good music. Ryan Bingham was there, and George Porter Jr., and Bill Kreutzmann and Chuck Leavell, Allen Toussaint and Anders Osborne and so many others. It was a concert for the ages in the classiest room in America’s greatest city. Not bad for $100. Oh, and speaking of deals, shortly after getting through the door I noticed two things: 1) a monstrously long line to the merch table, where one of the few things for sale was a nice limited edition poster for the evening’s concert, and 2) a much shorter line where the VIP ticket-holders were picking up their free goody-bags. A quick glance showed that each goody bag included a poster, so every VIP couple attending the show was getting two posters, AKA at least one more than they needed. I bypassed the merch line altogether and approached the first couple I saw leaving the VIP table, offering the guy $20 for one of his posters. You’d think I offered a vampire a pint of blood. “Sure!” he yelped, handing me one of the posters. “I was just going to throw the thing away. Instead I think I’ll buy us a couple of drinks!” and taking his wife by the shoulder he led her off towards the bar. I hadn’t actually noticed how much the posters were even going for so I doubled back to the merch table and checked. $25. Turns out my little brainstorm was pretty smart, fast, and economical. The poster is framed and hangs in my kitchen. It’s a daily reminder that no matter how hung over I am, a little bit of excitement and a lot of rock and roll can usually pull me through.
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    I just found out about it today. The Slip reunited for Jambase private party last night. Surprise me Mr. Davis played as well. The Slip June 2, 2019 Jambase 20th Anniversary Party Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley, CA Set list Headshot > Sometimes True To Nothing Get Me With Fuji The Soft Machine Alsoa From The Gecko (with Eric Krasno) Something Learned The Original Blue Air > Children of December If One of Us Should Fall Encore: Baba O’Reilly Last One Ever (with Nathan Moore and Eric Krasno)
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    Epic Covers

    First Phish shows I ever did see, Clifford Ball, ended up drinking with a biker who said "If I ever meet Dickey Betts I will punch him in the face." He fucking hated him. Having said that, Esau has posted one of my all-time favorite covers by anyone. Godspeed and God bless and all that stuff people say. I got no problem if this thread keeps getting topped with that version.
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    Epic Covers

    Black Crowes - Oh sweet nuthin'
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    Jeff Tweedy on Marc Maron's WTF Pod

    Letterman will be on WTF tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.
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    According to the book, Jeff's jumping out of his chair was an ongoing gag. Musicians would get really close to Jeff and he'd surprise the hell out of them by jumping out of his chair and stealing the show.
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    It is the anniversary of 05-08-77

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    It is the anniversary of 05-08-77

    For me, The Grateful Dead hit those heights at a few different times through-out the years. Different line-ups, new tech, shifting social attitudes, drug addiction etc playing part in the evolution reaching those heights, for better and/or for worse. Forced to chose my favourite era I'd go with 69-72. Choosing a single point in time or even single year is impossible for me.
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    It is the anniversary of 05-08-77

    You are correct sir and your prompt to explain what that quote means is required .....thank you DB2.0 once again for pointing out that my intended messages either get lost or misconstruedly misunderstood......... The Grateful Dead hit their highest of heights, from my perspective, prior to their hiatus at the end of 1974. "water fallen" in the above context refers to them as slowly dripping downwards, like a waterfall, while "crestmark" points to them having still maintained a peak that had been developed a few years prior. Having said that, any Deadhead will give you their opinion on when all of that happened. Luckily for us fans, they kept having some amazing shows/tours after that point. I could have simply wrote "it was the beginning of the end" but that wouldn't be accurate to how I feel while also sounding too Simple.
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    Wook falls over from doing nitrous..... check Mark Wilson sings a sweet tune by The Band..... check Bi decade Scotty Farmer sighting..... check Fatcats on the main stage on a Saturday night..... check Naked chick tripping balls and freaking out on Sunday at 10am..... check 20th Spring Come Together Music Festival complete..... check.
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    Epic Covers

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