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    Rest in Peace Kofi

    Sad news to wake up to https://www.jambase.com/article/kofi-burbridge-died
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    Davey Boy 2.0

    Epic Covers

    Ha! That's the third time that's been posted in this thread- Jaimoe way at the top of this page and me on page 4...it certainly warrants multiple postings, IMO
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    Epic Covers

    The Faces - Maybe I'm Amazed - 1972
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    Freak By Night

    Stones in Toronto June 29????

    I'd go, but I already have plans to attend a Phish concert in the former murder capital of the USA. Love the Stones, but I love Phish more!
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    King Gizzard in Montreal

    There was a huge big-ass video camera following him around with a scary white light. That shocked me to my soul and that is why I remember the entire moment. I was lucky to get a selfie with him, with a digi-camera, simply because I was wasted enough to think about trying.......this was pre-cellphone era but there is 'other' footage out there. Those fuckers were annihilated and did not play at all like they had for the show we bought concert tickets for and they werent playing their show material, it was other stuff. They were filming it. That is why I want to see it. I certainly dont want to see me because I was fucked the fuck up. #sorryforhighjacking
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    Epic Covers

    Moon and The Ox would be impressed by this:
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