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  1. oh yeah, I can imagine that seeing them at $25 was pretty exciting at the time. That was certainly prime time to be mining. 4 coins collected is pretty amazing.
  2. More Photos Ottawa CityFolk welcomed a relatively short 50 minute set by Bahamas on a hot sunny, sunday afternoon where sunglasses were all the rage. Alfie Jurvanen, aka Bahamas, hosted the set offering some wonderfully light-hearted, humorous banter in between tunes that included introducing each band member by the flight number assigned to each of them while travelling to Ottawa earlier in the day. Bahamas drew an impressive, dancing crowd of 37,246 or less (rough guess) for the early-ish 5:30 set. Hopefully they will be back soon for a full show at one of the live music venues ar
  3. Same here. It wasn't easy to get setup at all. My vid card sounded like a leaf blower. I let it run for like a half-hour and then computer overheated and shutdown. I started looking at mini mining rigs, and they were really hard to come by. Back orders were months away, so I gave up. Coins were about $50 at the time. Should have just bought a dozen. They're only worth about $5000 CAD right now. I'm surprised that mining can now be done via a web script considering the hefty requirements, but I guess distributing the load is all that it takes. Nifty, but very very very shady.
  4. More Photos Thursday night's final main stage show at Ottawa CityFolk festival featured singer-songwriter, musician, actor, record producer, documentary filmmaker Jack Johnson. While he's dipped his surfboard in quite a few modes of the entertainment industry, he's clearly most known as a performer. He spent the evening in complete control of the audience as they sang along to many of his tunes, with plenty of women declaring "We LOVE YOU JACK!" throughout. He isn't the most technically capable guitar player out there, but his licks are all very tasteful. His hooks are instantly
  5. More Photos Denver based Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats brought their soul and poured it all out on Thursday night at the Ottawa CityFolk Festival to a large crowd of music lovers and very long beer lines. It seems that this crew truly inspires a thirst for booze! Having a tall can of beer in both hands can make it difficult to show appreciation through applause, but one can always hoot and holler as an alternative. There was a very cool moment where Nathaniel directed the crowd to get down on the ground while finishing the set with S.O.B, which made for a very interesti
  6. A few pieces on CityFolk were posted on the main blog. http://www.blog.jambands.ca/blog/2017/9/11/cityfolk http://www.blog.jambands.ca/blog/2017/9/12/highlights-for-ottawa-cityfolk-festival http://www.blog.jambands.ca/blog/2017/9/11/top-picks-for-marvest-festival I'm looking forward to catching that SOB Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats tonight! Who's going and what are you targetting?
  7. Embed of this video not allowed by YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MewcnFl_6Y
  8. Photos: Mike Bouchard Charles Bradley took the stage after a quick two number hype warm-up by his backing band, Extraordinaires. His music career started when he was booking gigs as an impersonator for James Brown in a band called Black Velvet. This led to his discovery by Daptone Records, which produced his album and launched his career. He's performed in Ottawa previously, at Ottawa Bluesfest, and later a club show. A performance at the Bronson Centre last year was cancelled due to illness, yet he is clearly back on his smooth feet, with all of the energy of a musical man in full health
  9. Photo: Mike Bouchard A conga line was formed with the encouragement from Cris Scabello. It took over the tent winding and snaking from the front to the back of the tent, and back again. But it was the tiger shirted guitarist and keyboardist Mauricio Fleury that stood out. His sun glasses and orange t shirt with a stunning black guitar and frizzed out hair had him looking like a mid 1970’s California porn star. Way too cool for school. His wiry guitar playing gave them a real authentic Nigerian feel. Near the end of the set Mauricio had a chance to shout out his appreciation for those who hel
  10. LOL - they promised one song therefore they played the song One.
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